2014 January Newletter

2014 January Newsletter

Rama on Writing

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Beginning Saturday, January 18, and running through the end of 2014, we will be hosting on Saturday mornings, from 10-11am AZ time, the ever popular webinar Rama on Writing. As has been the case over the last few years Ramajon Cogan, my write (oops) hand man, will be hosting the webinars, each of which will […]

The Eight Steps for Effective New Years Resolutions of Writers

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People usually fail on the following through of their New Years Resolutions. It has been my experience that writers fail at an even greater rate than the general public. There is not enough space and time to go into why we have a tendancy to fail so regularly at such an important task. For as […]

Bird Tweets August 26, 2013

Each summer we take time to contemplate our programs and to see if there are any changes or additions that need to be made. This year we have been encouraged to move in a few different directions: Add One Life Coach We have decided to make the addition of Gwen Payne to our retreats  as […]

Bird Tweets July 23, 2013

Making Space for Miracles We all dream, but until we make space in our lives for those dreams to come true, the results cannot appear. Until that time there is simply no space for them to squeak into our busy lives. Yet, there is nothing more important to living our lives than living our dreams through […]

Exciting News on Reality Shows

Last weekend Tom met with former Supervising, Executive Producer for Oprah for over 20 years, Katy Davis, in Los Angeles about the possibility of doing a reality show on Tom’s retreats. Tom, Katy and Bob Bates, also a talented producer and cameraman, agreed to take the step forward. The trio collected some interview footage of […]