A Literary Agent for You

Thank you for your interest in my A Literary Agent for You Program.

Filling out the following questionnaire will enable me to assess whether you are a good candidate for success with my program.

First, here are a few details about the program:

  • Especially if you’re a first-time author, landing the services of a literary agent is nearly essential for grabbing the attention of a conventional book publisher.

  • Even though in the last 30+ years my clients have had a high rate of success in acquiring agents to represent their books, there is still, despite our best efforts, no guarantee of your success.
  • If accepted into the program, you will be expected to enter into a six-month agreement, which will be based around the nearest sales season.
  • Because of the amount of work involved, I am obligated to limit the number of clients taken on per sales season.
  • There are two packages available: The Standard Package and the Plus Package.

  • THE STANDARD PACKAGE covers guiding you through the choice of agents to submit to, the construction of your query letter and submission package, and the review of your responses and any ensuing submission strategy.

    The price of the STANDARD is $2990.

    Fees are payable in advance.

  • In addition to the aforementioned, THE PLUS PACKAGE includes professional copy editing of your submission materials and the actual emailing of your query letter to agents.

    The PLUS Package costs $3890.

    Fees are payable in advance.

If you are interested in being considered as a candidate, please fill out the following Intake Questionnaire and we will contact you after reviewing your answers.

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