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FTR stands for Fast Track Retreat, which is an option created to address the needs of the beloved authors that attend a Write Your Book in a Weekend Retreat. The revision process can easily take twice as long as the writing of the book. All too often, real life interferes with the revision process and when left on your own, it typically gets pushed aside and forgotten. Here is an opportunity to build on the momentum of writing your book and seeing it through the completion of the revision process while receiving mentoring and guidance along the way.

FTR is a small group (maximum twenty authors) retreat that through the magic of zoom.us, enables you to virtually revise your book, from the comfort of your own home, or favorite getaway locale, in a week or less.

  • Various Investment Options
    • $1495 Regular
    • $1295 for Returning Authors (previously attended a Weekend Retreat). Contact Donna@tombird.com to confirm eligibility and receive promo code.
    • $795 when you register for the PublishNow Program. Contact Donna@tombird.com for all the details.
  • Your time at the FTR will immediately follow the Write Your Book in a Weekend Retreat: February 4th at 2pm through Friday, February 8th.
  • The goals of FTR are to follow the writing of your book with the opportunity to revise your book in a five-day virtual retreat with Tom readily available for guidance. You will then be able to turn your book over for a Soul Read with Tom Bird if you choose to join PublishNow.
Any further questions you may have may be answered by listening to a recent FTR webinar:


Monday    –    2:00 pm start with specific check-in times scheduled throughout the week through Friday afternoon. Given the focus and objective of this retreat, it is best to clear your schedule entirely during this time.

All Times are Arizona Time.

More Details

Registration space: 20

Registration: Registration necessary

Type: Open to All Writers


RETREAT TRANSFER POLICY *All monies paid for a retreat are non-refundable. You can, however, transfer once within a 12-month period to a later retreat. Retreat transfers need to be done up to three weeks prior to the start of the retreat for which you originally registered. In the unlikely event of the cancellation of a retreat due to illness/injury, a makeup retreat will be scheduled in the same area for a date no more than 12 months after the original date of the retreat canceled. At the time of any cancellation due to illness/injury, registered participants can either transfer, at no extra charge, their registration to the makeup retreat or to any other already scheduled retreat in a 12-month period.