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(Virtual) Your Own Personal State of Your Union: Where Are You Now and Where is it That Your Soul Will be Seeking to Take You in 2018

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The class will start out with a series of not-to-be-missed writing exercises that will cover thirty-five minutes, where each attendee will be led to connect with Spirit, through his/her writing, to be given a detailed bird’s eye (no pun intended) view of where she/he is going and how and most of all why.

That initial session then will be followed up by an insightful twenty-minute discussion by Tom of the major topics covered, thus setting the tone for his class next month How to Create Realistic Goals for the New Year and, Most of All, How to Keep From Self Sabotaging Them

The class will then conclude with a twenty minute Q&A.

You must reserve a space to attend this class.

As a special gift, you will receive the same subliminal tracks played nonstop at Tom Bird Method Retreats, this audio download has led tens of thousands to overcome their dreaded writer’s block, and reconnect to the inspiration that is their book (Download below).


Timeframe: 1.5 hours

Registration: Registration necessary to receive event details

Type: Open to all writers.

Pre-Workshop Instructions:

Writing Audio Download: Click the button to access the Writing Audio download

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Download Instructions:

Download and save the Writing Audio for easy access and quick reference during the writing exercises led by Tom during the workshop. It’s especially important to save the Writing Audio to your computer or preferred electronic device for playing digital audio files and prevent the track from relying on your Internet Bandwidth for playback. Instructions to download.