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        I must admit, I probably thought too long and too hard about what direction to take with you, my writing family, through this forum. What can I say? You are important to me!

        So as I pondered long and hard, it came to me that each one of you has a divine message you’re looking to get to the world. And what better way to help you with delivering that message than to offer you some sound and consistent advice on how to do so. Thus, that is what I will initially be focusing upon.

        With that in mind, I suggest that each one of you acquire a copy of Malcolm Gladwell’s Tipping Point, which is the best book on how to become a household name that I know of, and read it.

        Let’s start there!!!!!!!!

        Once you’ve acquired your copy, let me know, through this forum, and I’ll schedule a special webinar to go over the book…See you next week!


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