Program Content: PublishNow

At the end of our weekend writing retreats, we often cry alongside the authors as they share the touching details of their journey with their freshly penned books in hand. Tom considers it “a sacred privilege to share in their joy, surprise, shock and relief, as well as in the great anticipation of the ‘next step!’”

It took Tom over fourteen years to gain a full understanding of the book publishing world because within the industry there is no proper logistical and emotional support for the process. It is our commitment that you receive EVERYTHING you need technically, creatively and emotionally in our PublishNow program to birth your precious literary child.


PublishNow is not only current with the most effective book publishing process, but leads the way in direction and guidance through every essential step, from editorial, formatting, design and publication, to the design of your cover and the building of your author website.

  • Everything you need to publish your book, including a personal soul read of your book
  • 100% of the revenue created from your book – meaning gross profits could be between $15-$19 on the sale of a $20 book, as opposed to less than $1 offered by other companies
  • Complete creative control in publishing and distribution of your book in as little as a few weeks
  • The Author Development Program (ADP), which enhances your development as an author, inside and out, and your understanding of the book promotion process over a four-month period, working in direct relationship with our team and trusted partners
  • Professional style and copyediting of your book
  • Formatting the necessary six versions of your book
  • All the artwork needed
  • Design and construction of a professional website
  • ISBN numbers
  • Registration of all your copyrights
  • Your personal, publishing liaison
  • Support webinars up to a year
  • A publishing company owned and run by authors, who, based on decades of high level experience, know exactly what you need
  • The highest level of service available


Personal Support Provided:

  • Admission to the Author Developmental Program (ADP)
  • One hour of personal telephone consultation time with Tom over the next year
  • Two hours of personal telephone or email consultation with one of our Author Liaisons over the next year (for those times when you need to speak one-on-one with Tom and/or one of our Author Liaisons. Additional consultation time can be acquired)
  • Unlimited access to PN support webinars
  • The opportunity to attend Tom’s retreats at a Returning Author Discounted Rate of $295
  • An opportunity to be interviewed on video and promoted through the internet as one of Tom’s authors
  • An opportunity to be accepted into The Best Selling Author Program

The Author Developmental Program (ADP):

Personally conducted and overseen by Tom, ADP is a virtual, support group over ten sessions designed to move you through any emotional hurdles you may have that keep you from revising, publishing, promoting and then releasing your book in a timely fashion.

After being accepted into and completing your PN registration, you will be notified of the times and dates your weekly video conferencing will be held on, as well as your sign-in credentials. Every session is recorded and will be made available to you.

At the beginning of every ADP class, a private Facebook Group is established for the exclusive use of those in your group.

Depending upon the assignment, we estimate 1-3 hours should be set-aside on a weekly basis.

Unlimited Access to PN Support Webinars

PN Support Webinars (PN-SW) are regularly held open forums, available through, but exclusive to PN members. See the list of current PublishNow Webinars here.

Each PN-SW is ninety minutes in length and, unless otherwise specified, divided into two sections. The first section is devoted to a General PN Q&A. The second section takes the form of an actual class, focusing on a variety of different topics.

Author Interview

Once a month, recording sessions will be set up via to capture interviews with our PN authors. While in-depth in nature, these interviews are short to meet the needs of YouTube audiences. These are excellent promotional tools that can be positioned on an author’s website, as well as on YouTube, and in a variety of other ways.

Your interview will also be featured on and an active link to it will be provided to our mailing list.


Click on the “Apply Now” button below and complete the application. We will review it and get back to you.

We look forward to supporting you, and your book, in the PublishNow Program.

PublishNow Specifics

Steps & Timetable

Meeting any deadline, no matter what it may be, is dependent upon timely turnaround of responsibilities by the author.

The steps listed below can be accomplished more quickly, if necessary, but it is prudent for authors to outline the timeline in advance of entering the process.

There are certain times of the year that the turnarounds by our teams are vastly quicker, and other times it is slower. Budget timeline based on full amount (i.e.- Interior format revisions – three revision cycles, three week turn around equals nine weeks for Interior Format Revision). Submitting a clean a manuscript—proofread, proper grammar, spelling, with a clear style outline—will eliminate time-consuming edits and expedite the formatting process.

A formal schedule will be sent once your registration is complete.

Here is a sample schedule:

Step 1:  Author Development Program

Step 2: Revisions

Step 3: Soul Read

Step 4: Style Edits

Step 5: Copy Edits

Step 6: ISBN

Step 7: Exterior Design

Step 8: Author Website

Step 9: Interior Formatting

Step 10: CreateSpace

Step 11: Amazon Author Page

Step 12: Copyright

Author Responsibilities

As with any successful program, all parties need to show up and be committed with the end goal in mind. In a timely fashion, authors are responsible for the following:

  • The revision of your book independently or by attending additional retreats.
  • Attending the Author Development Program webinars, or listen to recordings at a later date, if unable to attend live.
  • Completing assignments in a timely fashion.
  • Attending PublishNow webinars, or listening to recordings at a later date.
  • Reading all materials and emails provided by the PN program that contain valuable information on completing your project.
  • Advising the Author Liaison of your timetable and any changes to it.
  • Providing periodic updates on the status of your book.
  • Establishing a CreateSpace account for your print book version.
  • Creating and building an author platform based on webinars and information provided.
  • Providing a proofread manuscript to the Style Editor.
  • Proofreading and correcting all proofs.
  • Completing reviews and revisions in a timely fashion.
  • Working directly with vendors on Author Website and Best Selling Author program (if applicable).


All monies paid for a retreat are non-refundable.

You can transfer once within a twelve-month period to a later retreat.  Retreat transfers need to completed three weeks prior to the start of the PublishNow for which you originally registered.

In the unlikely event of the cancellation of a retreat due to Tom’s illness, injury, a makeup retreat will be scheduled in the same area for a date no more than 12 months after the original date of the retreat is cancelled.

At the time of any cancellation due to injury, registered participants can either transfer, at no extra charge, their registration to the makeup program or to any other already scheduled PublishNow program in that 12-month period.