After learning the ropes from some of the best, most innovative minds in the publishing industry—and at the request of some of his more devoted authors—Tom started Sojourn Publishing, which incudes his own book publishing/fulfillment firm and The Publish Now (PN) Program.

Over the last five years, Sojourn has been responsible for publishing hundreds of books written by authors coming through Tom’s retreats and classes. Of these, over seventy of them have gone on to become #1 Best Selling Amazon authors (click here to see some of those best selling authors).

Tom takes great pride in the publishing design of Sojourn, which is structured to return all artistic, editorial, and publishing control to his authors. In addition, Sojourn’s relationship with its authors is designed in such a manner that the author receives 100% of the net proceeds from sales of his/her book. Sojourn takes absolutely no profits from the sale of your book. Effectively cutting out the greedy middleman, the author’s profits automatically skyrocket up to between 200 – 1000% from what he/she could expect from a conventional publisher, who takes an average of two years to take a book to the shelves. Production wise, providing the same services and opportunities for distribution, Sojourn accomplishes the same results in three months.

Possibly the aspect of Sojourn that Tom is most proud of is his development and design of the Author Development Program (ADP). Automatically provided at no extra charge, the ADP offers authors the opportunity to be walked through the full revision, completion, and publication of their books, by way of a virtual classroom setting led personally by Tom himself.

With Tom monitoring their progress each step of the way, tasks that once appeared insurmountable become achievable and even simple to maneuver around.

The result?

Not only a successful author evolves, but a well trained, professional, seasoned, and educated author—not to mention a happy and fulfilled author.

In addition to Sojourn’s PublishNow (PN) Program, Tom’s PN authors are also allowed access, for a separate fee, to his Best Selling Author (BSA) Program. Once accepted into BSA, an author is guaranteed that his/her book will be an Amazon bestseller, offering him or her not only well-deserved status but also an essential competitive leg up on his or her competition.

For more information on PublishNow or BSA or to have a PN or BSA contract emailed to you, contact Executive Assistant Donna Velasco at