What Tom’s Authors are Saying About Their
2018 Retreat Experiences

“This was my second retreat. This time, tapping into my divine author, my book flew out of my fingers to the page. I could barely write fast enough. I wrote an entire novel! I did this in a little over a day and a half. When Tom reviewed my Revision Board, I was overcome with emotions, emotions of pride, thankfulness, and lightness. This process allowed me to birth a book that has been rattling around my head for quite some time. I thank Tom and his team for this workshop, for supporting me birthing my novel.”

-Nannette Daughtery, August 2018, Sedona

“I have been working with Tom for close to a year. I have done two Write Your Book in a Weekend Retreats and one Fast Track. I am also enrolled in the Best-Seller Program. I have a first book read to publish and two ready to roll out. I love this program – it has been very healing and transformative for me and in turn, will be very healing and transformative for all those my books touch. Tom, John, & Denise are incredible.”

-Patti Boyle, August 2018, Sedona

“Tom has a gift and he is living it deeply. Great people, great space, great gift to yourself to write, release, and share your message. Thank you deeply!”

-David Dingmore, August 2018, Sedona

“This has been nothing short of life-changing. I don’t know how I could even thank you enough. Wait ’til you see what I’m gonna do! Thank you!”

-Cat Bendure, August 2018, Sedona

“Woo-hoo! I finished my first draft and got nearly halfway through my first round of revisions. Tom Bid most certainly knows what he’s doing. I am so excited to see my book idea taking shape and coming alive! I would never have gotten this far this fast without this retreat. I am on fire, and I’m grateful.”

-Jayne Sanders, August 2018, Sedona

“This retreat was hard, healing, and transforming. This process works and I can’t believe that I have a book done, plus two others in the making. Tom Bird is gifted. Ahéhee’ (Thank you).

-Vickie K. Oldman-John, August 2018, Sedona

“This was a positive experience, which really allowed me to proceed forward with writing a book. It was good to be in a venue away from home, which allowed me to work without distractions. There were a lot of great people on staff and other writers present.”

-Wolfgang Golser, August 2018, Sedona

“I am so deeply grateful for this method that Tom is providing for people. Coming allowed me to move past years of fear to use my voice, share my message, and confidence to put myself out there. It brought clarity to my overall life plan and purpose.”

-Angela Lindvall, August 2018, Sedona

“You have perfected this method by adding the follow-up and programs and holding us accountable every 15 minutes. The prior two times I have done this workshop –  I don’t think I tapped into my creativity as I have this time. I’m sure my own personal timing plays a role – but the changes you have made must be playing a big role – I feel like I got it this time.”

-Angel Howard, August 2018, Sedona

“The Tom Bird Write Your Book in a Weekend exceeded my expectations. The pace, the attentive staff and the Master of this process, Tom Bid, put us to work. Made it fun and I got a book written and into the editing process. This is an experience I recommend to everyone who has a message for the world.”

-Dan Wingard, August 2018, Sedona

“This program, method, people, and place is excellent. The perfect mix for healing writing, for soul freedom, and to share our stories.”

-Kristin Powell, August 2018, Sedona

“Tom is super intuitive, full of heart, 100% dedicated to the divine voice, and worth every penny.”

-Julie Strong, August 2018, Sedona