What Tom’s Authors are Saying About Their
2019 Retreat Experiences

“Thank you for your guidance, Tom. I have been a good writer since my early childhood and I have wanted to write a book (and have postponed it) since I was 19 years old. At the age of 49 now, I feel I have not yet reached my physical, mental, or emotional peak. By following your method in this weekend’s virtual writing retreat I am now very close to finishing my first book. You have my respect and my gratitude, and I long to follow your example in influencing many people to find inner peace.”

-Pedro Gonzalez, February 2019, Virtual

“Tom Bird’s writing workshop has been the most profound inner work that I have done, bar none! I took the workshop thinking it would unblock me to write a play; I had no intention of writing about me or my life, let alone to write a book about it. The exercises he had us do in the sacred space he created were transformative. Because of this weekend, I reconnected with my ignored self. I am not only committed to continuing this deep self-discovery through therapy now, but I have begun writing a book that will bring the possibility of transformation for others. Thank you, Tom and company!”

-Shila Ommi, February 2019, Virtual

“Allow yourself this gift. Your fears can come too. And I promise you this, It’ll be one of the best things you do. ”

-HH, February 2019, Virtual

“I Thank God for the gift YOU decided to share with the rest of us….:) The ripple effect of messages from your published authors is reaching the world. Thank You, Tom, I look forward to seeing you all again soon. Love, Light, and Gratitude. ”

-Honey Jo, February 2019, Virtual

“I had an amazing time breaking through. I’ve moved past so much silly mental minutia that stopped me from writing. I am grateful for my personal transformation because of this weekend. I am incredibly grateful for this inspiring and encouraging team that are at the ready to give their supportive assistance! Pure Gratitude!”

-Liza Marquez, February 2019, Virtual

“Tom’s method worked! He helped me achieve what I thought was impossible – writing a book in a weekend. I skeptically thought that the title “Write Your Book in a Weekend” was marketing click bait. It’s not. He’s the real deal. I’m blown away by this method and how well it worked. Thank you, Tom. From the bottom of my heart, thank you.”

-Lorraine Aguilar, February 2019, Virtual

“Creating the impetus to inspire me and the others to sit for so many hours committed to birthing our books was a very great gift. All three days and the eve before were excellent ways to let me realize that I am a born author, that my Divine Self can indeed write through me and that many more are on their way.”

-Clare Rosenfield, February 2019, Virtual

“Thank you to Tom and the staff for providing the structure which was laid out in a user-friendly format. It was a safe place to be open to what God wanted me to write.”

-Lynn Kemmer, February 2019, Virtual

“I enjoyed the wonderful writing retreat… It was great! Everyone was pleasant and helpful and Tom’s instructions and presence keep me inspired and moving forward as a spiritual writer. Thank you all for making this an awesome experience.”

-Trinity Shanshala, February 2019, Virtual

“I couldn’t possibly have had the confidence to write a whole novel-length story with a coherent beginning, middle and end without Tom Bird’s method. It has made a huge difference to me to be able to do that, always wanted to but never thought I could.”

-Dorothy North, February 2019, Virtual

“This was a great way to see just how possible it is to write a lot of connected material in a short time with the opening of the Divine Author Within. I really appreciate how easy it was! Thank you for creating this retreat!”

-Emma Goldman-Sherman, February 2019, Virtual

“Once again Tom has done it. He provided feedback to make my book flow. I would recommend both the virtual and in-person retreats.”

-Annella Metoyer, February 2019, Virtual