What Tom’s Authors are Saying
About Their
May 2021 Retreat Experiences

“I’m very grateful for this Weekend retreat and surprised that I got through and wrote about 14,000 words. I did it with time differences when I live in Sydney Australia. This is the first time I do a writing retreat and never thought I am a writer. This certainly opened my eyes to another world and inspires me to keep writing. Thank you Tom and Janelle for leading us through the process with so much grace. “

-Ellen Zhu

“These weekend workshops are phenomenal. We are held in such beautiful energy that keeps us writing no matter what. I never would have believed I could so long, essentially, nonstop and the material just keeps coming. I am very grateful for the team of people that provide this awesome service to us.”

-Sheila Furth

“Working with Tom and Janelle was amazing. Tom really helped me through my writer’s block with so much grace and holding space. I felt safe and held in a sacred container while working on my book. Also, the creative way the retreat is set up really works with my way of creating.”

-Myria van Raemdonck

“This is the most incredible experience I have ever had. I thought I was here to write my story, however, I did not write it alone. Automatic writing personified with the Divine. That’s all I can share, for now, you will just have to wait until it is done! I am SO excited!!”

-Debra Ewing

“Yet another awesome Writer’s Retreat….always grateful for the sacred space you hold Tom for us all as writers & deeply appreciate these retreats…as this is the only time at present I can pour myself, my heart & soul into this form of expression which is part of my calling. Thank you so much….almost done with this story! ?”

-Clytie Lane

“Finally finished my book this weekend! Not exaggerating to say I am euphoric, after wanting this book to be born for so long. I always do my best writing during the retreats and it was a wonderful retreat, as always. I am definitely a Tom Bird “lifer” –can’t wait for the next one. (Book #2 already in the works!) “

-Alison Patton

“Wow! It was great to set aside time for writing and have your guidance.”

-Susan Tracy McDaniel