What Tom’s Authors are Saying
About Their
June 2021 Exclusive Retreat Experiences

“I have taken several of Tom Bird’s writer’s workshops, and I’ve noticed that I have a deeper experience connecting with the Divine Author Within every time. This is channeling in its highest form.”

-Michael Bays

“Tom’s workshop method was incredibly unique and allowed what has been inside of me to write to pour forth like a gushing stream – it was joyous and every day I looked forward to the focused time spent writing. The beginning prayer and the audio for the background while writing were set the intention in a very powerful way – very powerful. Thank you Tom I believe it’s a life-changer. ”

-Julia Olson

“This Write Your Book in a Weekend Workshop has re-connected me with my muse! I honestly wasn’t sure if it would work for me, but during the very first writing session, after I reached out to Tom for help, he coached me and helped me get there. I wasn’t always able to outwrite my conscious mind, but most of the time I managed to. I can’t wait to publish my book!”

-Heidi Gessner

“Tom’s spot-on intuitive guidance is amazing. The space he held for our group during the workshop was palpable. It allowed me to return to or to maintain a deep connection to my Divine Author Within. He knew when I had finished my first book and was ready to move on to a second before I did. My initial resistance melted away as I continued to write and it became clear.”

-Peg Robertson

“I have been writing for a long time and, out of desperation to finish a project or meet a deadline, I often try to sequester myself away from family, and responsibilities for a few days to blast through the work. But that’s what it feels like — blasting through something, through the story, through my doubts, through my discomfort — and it has historically been very painful for me to write for extended periods of time, despite the fact that writing is part of my profession and of utmost importance to my life. This weekend retreat, however, marked a turning point for me in that, for the first time, I was writing at a lovely, comfortable, and desired pace and didn’t feel viscerally uncomfortable or in doubt. I simply felt connected to my story, to my characters, and was enjoying being with the discoveries that revealed themselves. I feel very relieved and anticipate working this way regularly by making it fundamental to my lifestyle — because writing is truly a way of life.”

-Lynea Diaz-Hagan