What Tom’s Authors are Saying
About Their
August 2021 Retreat Experiences

“Once again, this was absolutely the most incredible writing experience! I remember the first time I could not believe Spirit was coming through! It was so profound and I can’t wait to do this again! Thank you so very, very much! What a gift!”

-Debra Ewing

“I am grateful for the space that you hold time and time again that supports my creativity and the expression of my true wisdom.”

-Eileen Marder-Mirman

“I came to the retreat thinking I would work on revisions for my book, but instead an entirely new book came through that I have almost completed. It feels pretty amazing! “

-Betty Fruin

“This weekend has been immeasurably helpful for me to get to heart of what my books actually are. They are different from what I expected and more like what I’d hoped for them to be. Very useful guidance and structure. Thank you!”

-Charlyn d’Anconia

“I used this weekend retreat to revise a book that I have completed previously in a weekend retreat. Times leader ship was top notch! Janelle’s assistance was invaluable in keeping me linked to the group of current authors! “

-Joan Lafuze

“This is a fascinating process to me, because it not only released my writing, but transformed the way I look at the everyday. Surrender is at the core of Tom’s method. Relinquishing the pernicious power of blockages, fears, and doubts that are entrenched in us and surrendering to a new voice – the inner power of oneness. Tom helps us remember that Spirit has always been there, waiting to take obstacles away and illuminate what we have deep within. By surrendering with a lightened heart, we can find a genuine voice, releasing words that bring forth our hopes, dreams, and visions. And with this process comes a burst of energy – not overwhelming but a calm energy like no other. I feel transformed by this weekend and can’t wait to put into daily practice what I’ve learned.”

-Buzz Voelker