What Tom’s Authors are Saying
About Their
October 2021 Retreat Experiences

“This was an incredible weekend. It was like an out of body experience. I’ve never made so much progress in my writing. A story I’ve made notes on for years came alive and went its own direction. The mindset you create with the preparation is magical.”

-Sara Morris

“I came into this workshop clear that I had a nonfiction book already written, waiting for me to discover. I had tried several times and with much effort to write this book before. It always felt flat, like a textbook. It lacked my voice, and I knew it would not connect with anyone.

At the beginning of the pre-workshop preparation sessions, and the workshop itself, a story of an entrepreneur applying the lessons of my craft came pouring out. The structure of the book went from something written for my professional peers to something for the audience I was trying to reach. This did not happen with my rational mind, and I would never have made this choice for myself. I was able to hear the book speak to me.

Thank you, Tom and Janelle, for this experience.”

-August Jackson

“Without Tom’s awesome facilitated Writer’s Retreats I may never have carved out the time, discipline & commitment to return to writing. Grateful for these online retreats & the writing audio track… Appreciating Tom’s intuitive guidance along the way which helps me get out of my own way….so writing can flow!”

-Clytie Lane

“Thank you Tom for sharing this great work with us, I am in awe with the mystical power even as a beginner.”

-Ellen Zhu

“I have been working on my book for 25 years, and it had been right for me to be working on it for this book is my life’s work. I had to live it all to write it. But I wasn’t able to finish it until I did Tom’s weekend retreat. It’s was perfect. My first draft is finished and the ending is what I always wanted it to be. Thank you Tom. ”

-Sharon Hart

“I write for my work, and this workshop brought the Divine deeply into that process. It gave surprising results. I did not expect to write so much, nor to have the subject laid out in the way it was. I thought I had almost finished a book, but a new, similar book seemed to emerge. I am very grateful for Jennel’s support and for Tom’s gracious, supportive leadership. “

-Leslie Reed

“I appreciate the time invested in this weekend retreat. I love Tom Bird’s method as it allows me to tap into a wonderful energy that makes my writing flow with ease and grace. I am happy with my outcomes and definitely highly recommend the Write Your Book in a Weekend Retreats. I look forward to being able to do it again. “

-Rain Warren, PhD

“Having Tom in my life, coaching me and helping me write my book, is a gift from God for which I am very grateful. I wish I’d been working with him all the many years that have passed, but I’m glad that I am working with him now because now is all we have and now is the right for me to be writing what I am writing. Right? Yes, “just write.” Thanks Tom, hope to see you again soon.”

-Fran Addeo