What Tom’s Authors are Saying
About Their
November 2021 Exclusive Retreat Experiences

“I LOVED this course!! It was just what I needed to get out of my own way and write the story I was meant to tell. Thank you Tom Bird, your Divine inspiration is so beautiful and freeing. It took some prying, but i was able to get out of my head and into my heart!! I gave up my resistance and found clarity! I am SO appreciative of you lovingly nudging me along and reminding me to not be afraid of the unknown, the mystery because God is truly with me all the way!!! Thank you thank you thank you!!!”

-Tracie Armand

“Thank you for another great writing retreat. I am amazed at how easy it is for me to write while participating in your retreats. Your wisdom and inspiration and guidance are very much appreciated. Thanks again!”

-Fran Addeo

“Remarkable experience! I’ve created a first draft and became much clearer about and more confident in my message as I wrote it. Tom, thank you for holding such a creative, healing, Spirit-led space. Your words of guidance and encouragement came right when I needed them.”

– Barbara Richards

“1/14/2021 last day of writing workshop – a shift occurred within – I am on the other side – no longer yearning to be on the other side – I am whole and healed – this is real; I know that because it is not in my mind but in my heart; i.e., I am not thinking it to be true, it simply is. That’s the healing that comes from Source. I, from my own limited resources, do NOT have to continually and consciously remind myself that I am healed – I simply am whole. Wow! I know I have felt this way before, but it has been so long I did not remember what it felt like. There is no thought involved in being; being does not stem from the individual mind. It is the knowingness of a child (come as children) who is safe, secure, trusting without question for that child has nothing to question – it never thinks to question. There is nothing to take thought of (as in “Take no thought of what you should eat, wear or drink…”) – ALL things we learn to take thought of are things we learn to believe we must be responsible for – from this belief stems fear; after all, don’t we already KNOW that of ourselves we are incapable of furnishing our own needs? A safe, secure child automatically depends upon its source, its family, for its sustenance; he/she has no thought of lack for any of its needs, be they material or not; he/she has no sense of separation. Yes, the journey out and back all make sense now to this prodigal daughter who is nestled in the assurance of belonging, of being one with the I Am.”

-Matilda Moore

“I learned that I can do what seemed impossible for someone like me, who labors over each word usually, then feels discouraged soon after. I loved spending and writing in these long blocks of time without the editor by my side and the inner critic also left me alone to commune with God in a way seldom experienced before.”

-Marilyn Kroplick

“Very productive weekend. Was able to get into another level in my writing.

My book is my story – from abandonment by mother at 14 (the eldest of five) through 35 years in a religious cult and the ensuing npsychological/emotional/sexual abuse. I am now 73 and finally able to ‘say’ some things for the first time.

Years of therapy did NOT bring the healing I am experiencing through writing my story. They may have prepared me for it — it seems more like they were simply a time and place holder while I awaited the culmination of inner work God was doing and its intersection with Tom Bird and your writing program.
It is all in the timing! I am filled with gratitude. This past weekend, the writing, the wholeness of the environment have brought me into a realm of acceptance and opened the door to freeing me from the emotional baggage I keep trying to unpack through my own mind.

For years – I unpack, sort through the shit and repack it not knowing what else to do with it. Now it has found its proper place — on the pages that can help others! Hallelujah!! Thank You!”

– Author