What Tom’s Authors are Saying About Their
Experiences at the August 2019 Live Retreat:

“Divine elegance! I have struggled for over thirty years to complete a book. With Tom’s guidance, it happened in a weekend. Thank you Tom, divine spirit and crew (Heidi, Donna, Skyla, and Adele) for making the weekend amazing for me.”

-Kristi Punches, August 2019, Live

“The brilliance in Tom’s method is that he creates a space that moves you completely out of your brain and into a deep, nourishing silence. From within that silence your book can emerge and speak to you. All you need to do is listen…and write. When you can completely let go of expectations and trying to control the flow of the book, the process become effortless and magical.”

-Kirsten Liegmann, Augsut 2019, Live