What Tom’s Authors are Saying About Their
Experiences at the June 2019 Virtaul Retreat:

“If you want to begin or finish a book, the Tom Bird writing retreat is a great place to be! You will discover amazing things about yourself as you write. the staff is loving and fun to work with. Tom has a wonderful sense of humor this is a safe place to allow your book to be born.”

-Kathleen Cannon, June 2019, Virtual

“The retreat taught me to how to unlearn things I had been steeped in for so long. I write a lot of technical articles for scientific research that are anchored in structure. This course taught me to write without thinking and to trust myself to flow. It gave me permission to write in an amorphous and unstructured manner that released me from self-doubt and self-criticism. Thank you!”

-Nathan Walworth, June 2019, Virtual