Common literary education and training focuses exclusively on left-brain intellectualism. This overly critical perspective thwarts what would otherwise be a beautiful and natural process. The frustrated writer is then born. Admittedly, all writers – like all human beings – have their insecurities. Many individuals who reach us are desperate for help. This “gift of desperation” allows The Tom Bird Method to be a kind of literary midwife.

Like a world-class athlete in “the zone,” great writers, who dramatically affect their readers, write in a similar state. When writing is embraced as an innate art form, supported and flowing naturally, The Divine Author Within state works for anyone – from those with a preformed idea to those who do not believe they are very good writers.

The Tom Bird Method blends a comprehensive and holistic support system that opens participants to a free-flowing mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual state.

We call this The Divine Author Within.


If you are one of the 81% of people who feel they have a book inside, and are drawn to write for healing, transformation, and the release of your divine potential, you have our complete support. Regardless of where you are on the spectrum of your writing journey, you CAN release your earthly message of humor, insight, healing or entertainment by finally penning your book.

Our proven curriculum will lead you not only to the completion of your book in a weekend, but to the ability to get your book professionally published and potentially onto a best seller list within a few months afterward.

The Tom Bird Method Programs are meant to flow, so you feel ready to take the next step…

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