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Mary DiCaro, PT

Book: Staying Healthy, Living Longer-7 Powerful Principles for a Healthier You!

Website: mdtherapyandwellness.com

Through personal health trials and working within the healthcare system, the author reveals the missing components for living a life of health and vitality.  While many people are living longer, we are not witnessing longer health spans and our quality of life is declining. How can we reverse the escalating trend of chronic pain and disease? It is within our power to maintain, recover and restore health if we understand a few critical principles. We need a strategy and a plan and this book provides the knowledge and tools to positively affect our healthspan, lifespan and the aging process!

Debra Lansdowne

Book: Seeker of Freedom and Joy

Websites: heartjourneyswithdebra.com

“Seeker of Freedom and Joy” is a great book for reflecting on your life with provocative questions and inspirations to see your world from a new point of view.

This book is an extraordinary inspiring life memoir of transformations and spiritual awakenings with thought provoking questions, which encourage you the reader, to reflect on your own life’s journey of relationships with family, friends, ancestors, mother earth and other species. 

Debra shares her  journeys as a road map with landmarks for you the reader to find your own unique path to be enlightened with Freedom, Joy and Love awaiting you.

At each turning point, she uses inspiration to engage you the reader to see life from a different perspective with new eyes. This offering taps into the reader’s curiosity to explore my magical and mysterious adventurous in life both metaphysically and physically. 

Each experience is shared openly and honestly, whilst imparting her insights and wisdom along the way – offering an opportunity for you the reader to reflect on the mystery of life beyond the 3D world in which we live.

Lisa Loving Dalton

Book: Murder Of Talent

Websites: https://www.lisadalton.com/

What stands out in her new book Murder Of Talent: How Pop Culture Is Killing “IT” is the no-holds-barred assay she makes on the fans, the families, mentors and the talented ones revealing the dangers that exist. An easy and dynamic read, with something for everyone, this part memoir, part political diatribe is also a master class for training for Peak Performance in art, athletics, politics and life.

In the midst of award season, Lisa Loving Dalton, a forty-year veteran of the entertainment industry, dares to pull back the curtain of tinsel town to examine some very gritty facts.

Lisa Loving Dalton
Murder of Talent book cover

Sarah H. Elliston

Book: Lessons from a Difficult Person

Websites: https://sarahelliston.com/

The methods Elliston offers in her book end the trauma and the drama, and minimize the possibility of confrontation. She gives YOU, the reader, the ability to take a strong, positive, confident—yet compassionate–stance with the “difficult person”—whether that is a relative, coworker, friend, one of your children or anyone else for that matter.

Elliston demonstrates how to:

  • Identify the ways to talk to a “difficult” person
  • Incorporate true incentives to help people change
  • Make real the consequences of the “difficult” person’s action
  • Increase success through acceptance and belonging
  • Avoid being triggered by the “difficult” person allowing you to neutralize those hot buttons and communicate without judgment

Elliston lays out a proven script for peacefully transforming the difficult person’s behavior and the environment. She gives you the tools for successfully initiating and engaging in a conversation with a difficult person that would lead to change.

Sarah Elliston - Author

Lisa Loving Dalton

Book: Falling for the Stars

Websites: https://www.lisadalton.com/

This Behind-the-Scenes Tell-All About Doubling for Celebrity Superstars Also Reveals the Compelling Life Story of an Insecure Hollywood Arrival Who Rises to the Top of Her Field, But Pays a Hefty Price.

What stands out in her new book Falling For The Stars: A Stunt Gal’s Tattle Tales is the indomitable spirit she assayed, despite the extraordinary price she paid for her stellar career—including misogyny, a miscarriage, and a life-long back injury. And each juicy story she relays in her fascinating chronicle, brings home an important life lesson for the reader—one that she learned the hard way.

Lisa Loving Dalton

Elizabeth Onyeabor

Book: From The Shadows

Websites: http://elizabethonyeabor.com/

Offering hope and healing, the author retraces her beautiful transformation from suicidal despair to habitual happiness, sprinkling each step with soul-stirring original poetry and journal excerpts.

For decades, she hid her chronic depression from everyone, including herself, until hitting a crisis point. She seemed successful and happy to all, except her closest confidantes; they knew the anguish she wished to end by killing herself. Through self-exploration, she found a pathway to conquer the pain.

In From the Shadows, she shares the questions she confronted, unearths her root causes, and presents a map out of the mire. Finally, she unlocks inner wealth by facing phantoms holding long forgotten keys to her past.

Joining in her journey, you may uncover a few treasures of your own.

Elizabeth Oneyeabor book cover

Yvonne Williams

Book: A Drop of Water

Websites: http://laughingatmyself.lol/

In this extraordinary book, “A Drop of Water”, Yvonne reflects upon her past experiences, grief, and losses to find her way back to her spirituality and strength. She bares her soul, yet is able to use water as a lighthearted, uninhibited, and fun way to express how we are all connected.

It is a spiritually inspired book about healing, grief, and personal growth. It becomes a beautiful poetic journey as she discovers her love of water as part of what led her towards her spiritual path.

Through her writing she is able to express how she was able to find her way through several tremendous losses, including the loss of her husband, and find strength she never knew she had.

James J. Warchol

Book: The Secrets of Time Travel

Websites: http://jamesjwarchol.com/

Welcome to The Secrets of Time Travel, the first book of a trilogy. In Secrets, two scientists, once friends but now bitter enemies, one helped by the forces of heaven and one by the forces of hell, frantically search for the same scientific secrets that in the wrong hands can be used to lead millions to eternal damnation. The need to find the secrets escalates as Sivvius, guided by his so-called friends from beyond, draws perilously close to finding the secrets first and using them for his evil cause. In the midst of the epic struggle, a supporting cast of highly eccentric scientists adds a delicious touch of zany humor, while one of them wants to use the secrets they unearth to help him find his long-lost love.

Anastacia Jayet

Book: Shattered Into Being

Websites: http://anastaciajayet.com/

This poignant story tells of personal tragedy and triumph, of getting lost and finding the internal compass – one’s own North Star – to take responsibility for creating a life of value and purpose. It acknowledges that a lack of self-esteem and confidence is at the root of victimization – that taking responsibility for personal choice and action brings empowerment – and that forgiving oneself, while releasing blame, removes the final obstacles to freedom and eternal joy.

Linda Curry

Book: Pebbles of Gold

Websites: http://truebalancewellness.com/pebblesofgold/

Can you imagine a life where your relationships are easy and fill your bucket instead of drain it? Can you see yourself standing tall with unlimited confidence? Now imagine everyone with whom you come into contact seeing you as poised, wise, calm, centered and at peace even during the worst of circumstances. You can have all of that and so much more.

Acquiring peace and fulfillment doesn’t require major life changes or risky moves. You can keep the same job, same spouse, same dog, same house and reap these benefits. But keep in mind, when you implement the simple techniques in this book, life is going to open up to you with tremendous opportunity. We were born with a purpose and when we are open and trusting, life shows us the way. It may have big plans for you. Do you want to find this path of inner nirvana? What are you waiting for?

Cathy Zipp

Book: Mid-Life with Style

Websites: http://cathyzipp.com/

Are you ready for THE BEST MID-LIFE EVER?  This is the book to catapult you into it.  You can have it, and there is no longer any reason to wait.  This book will tell you how to do it and fast.  It is full of ideas and packed with ways to get out of your own way to make it all happen.  You deserve to have it, and now you can.

Open up, clear out, make great choices, and create a fantastic Mid-Life right now.  Gain insight into what you really want and how you can really have it.

Laura Kelly

Book: Splintered Reflections

Websites: http://laurakellyauthor.com/

In the book “Splintered Reflections” Cathy is shattered with the disturbing loss of both her parents. She struggles with her identity asking every morning as she looks in the mirror Who Am I?  Riddled with guilt and plagued by the issues left unresolved with her mother’s disappearance, she reluctantly pushes outside the box she has created for herself.

Rescued from her isolation by a new friend named Jane, Cathy begins to break free of her shell through Jane’s insistence that the world’s adventures are to be embraced.  Further, challenged by a demanding, creative writing Professor, Cathy discovers the cathartic effects of writing as she pours her thoughts and feelings onto paper, transforming not only the blank piece of paper but also herself.

Abel Gallardo- Author

Book: The Dragon Sphere

Websites: http://abelgallardoauthor.com/

Abel Gallardo was greatly influenced by Greek mythology, comic books, and the fantasy/mystery novels he had read as a child.

About the Book: Landon Brown, fifteen year old high school football star, is always on the top of his game. That is until he receives a visit from an uncle he’s never met with information about Landon’s father, who disappeared without a trace thirteen years before. Landon learns that the life he’s been living is a lie and that his true nature is powerful and dangerous. He’s half dragon and a threat to the delicate balance that has kept dragon society hidden from humans for hundreds of years.

Sheri McGuinness

Book: Choosing Hope Finding Joy

Websites: http://sherimcguinness.com/

Choosing Hope, Finding Joy is a true story of a family’s account of trauma and resilience as one mom fights to help her family survive, thrive and even flourish after repeated significant losses. It is the story of Sheri McGuinness and her children as they found themselves on a journey to heal the wounds of horrible losses that devastated their lives, and what helped them to find their way out of the wreckage in the face of overwhelming circumstances.

Her inspiring first book, Choosing Hope, Finding Joy, chronicles the journey navigating through her own childhood and adult traumas, a suicide, losing her child, and recognizing the impact that they each had on her life. This compelling book shines a light on the toll of grief, trauma and loss, and howeven the strongest of people sometimes need support to overcome the fallout. It is a story that will make you cry, warm your heart and give you hope.

Leah Downing

Book: Catch a Falling Star

Websites: http://leahdowning.com/

As a very complicated couple makes it to the red carpets of Hollywood, divisive forces continually try to tear them apart. Almost a year after federal investigator Lauren St. Germain was exonerated from charges of assisting in a homeland terrorist attack, doubts still exist with regards to her innocence. In order to move on from her highly publicized trial, she accepts the position as a Hollywood “Yoga Trainer” for a hugely successful company owned by her closest confidant from college. While navigating her way through the glamorous (but often snarky) yoga scene, Lauren catches the eye of an up and coming film star, James Bayer.

After a steamy night together on a luxury cruise off the coast of Canada, they impulsively embark on a rugged journey through the icy Inuit Tundra guided by a tribal dog sledding outfit. It is there, under the prophetic Northern Lights, that Lauren discovers she is the target of a dark supernatural threat with global implications. SEQUEL IN FALL 2016.

Dr. Elaine Yoshikawa – Author

Book: Awakening in God’s Heart

Websites: http://thousandblossoms.com/

My second book, Awakening in God’s Heart: The Ascension of Humanity,was written in order to remind you of your spiritual origins.  It is a meditative book that is designed to assist you on your spiritual journey back to God’s Heart. It was written from a dream within a dream—where the veil is slightly torn and we are given a glimpse of just how large we are.

“This text has a beautifully uncompromising tone, with truth after truth laid forth in elegance.
The reader’s identity with God and welcoming into the Sacred Heart are as crisp as geometry proofs.
It has the clarity of running spring water.”
– Idony Lisle, style editor

“Marvelous, heart-centered, beautifully written.”
– Rosina Wilson, editor

Catherine Carrigan

Book: Unlimited Intuition NOW

Websiteshttp://catherinecarrigan.com/ &http://unlimitedenergynow.com/

  • Pray to open your soul guidance
  • Learn how to read the energy in your chakras with a pendulum
  • Tune in to read your own body
  • Discover how to read the body of another person
  • Discern how much life force is in your food
  • Focus to tell if food is really good for your body
  • Practice how to muscle test yourself
  • Raise your vibration to listen to your angels
  • Get your ego out of the way so you can listen to divine guidance
  • Stay connected with loved ones when you are apart
  • Open your psychic centers of clairaudience, claircognizance, clairsentience and clairvoyance
  • Avoid other people’s ego projections to see what’s really going on
  • Protect your energy so you feel safe and grounded at all times and in all places
  • Stay out of trouble in dangerous situations
  • Understand how your different psychic gifts actually work
  • Deepen your connection to God and feel supported on all levels

My prayer is that this new book blesses you with a closer relationship with your soul so that you may be divinely guided all the days of your life.

Diomira Rose D’Agostino – Author

Book: The Forest Speaks:  Through the Eyes of the Dragon


Can Jedda uncover the truth of an ancient prophecy before the darkness consumes the soul of one she loves? And are those of the Forest able to unravel the dark plot against the Earth in time to save Rose? In this riveting sequel to Awakening the Rose, the clock is ticking for Jedda and the others. If darkness prevails, the Earth and all those upon it might sleep forever!

The tail moved beneath the earth’s surface. It was massive and bold, as it dreamed the Dream of the Earth. The sacred Dreamtime was made for dragons and dragons made for it. Dragons were both Movers and Dreamers. They lay sleeping now on the inner Earth. Where they were no one knew. No one except the Dragon Clan.

Jean Neff Guthrie – Author

Book: Mystical Aria:  In Search of the Gallion Queen


The Mystical Aria series tells the intergalactic stories of Aria Vanir, a psychic tween from Virginia Beach with a passion to discover life on other planets. Her secretive remote viewing of Vitchera, planet of the Gallions, sparks Aria’s first alien adventure in Mystical Aria: Seeking the Gallion Queen.

The series takes a positive, friendly approach to life on other planets and encounters with aliens. It shows how good aliens can teach us spiritual principles such as love, infinity, and prosperity.

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Toni Luisa Rivera – Author

Book: The Propelled Heart: Moving from Injury to Insight


This book, The Propelled Heart: Moving from Injury to Insight, finally came into being as the encouragement of others ripened into a definite resolve to follow through. Dr. Toni has many entertaining stories from her event filled life and people have always encouraged her to share them. Family, friends, clients and workshop students over the years have suggested that she write about what she has learned in her thirty years of private practice, using stories from her life to illustrate the main points. As she began to write this book, the heart of the story that wanted to be told was one she had never intended to share with the world

Part I: Injury to Impasse

Part II: Impasse to Insight

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Holly Messick – Author

Book: Karmic Dance:  A Spiritual Journey through Verbal Abuse


Karmic Dance — A Spiritual Journey through Verbal Abuse is a memoir about the author’s second marriage which she eventually realized was a karmic relationship.  Holly and Terry met in high school and dated for four years.  During the first three years they dated each other exclusively, but as Holly’s view of the world expanded, her mother’s words that she should date other boys finally made sense.  Even after they began to date other people, they continued to date each other.  Then Holly met the young man who would become her first husband..

Karmic Dance shows how their abusive relationship escalated into a crisis which resulted in ending the negative karma.  What follows is how they were able to put their marriage back together and create a relationship that enabled them to transcend the negative karma.

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Craig Leonard Sr.

Book: Unto the Last Seed


Derrick mistakenly thought he had everything under control and moving according to his own practical timetable. He assumed that he could rationally formulate, schedule and then implement a plan just as he always successfully done.

Perhaps he had been away from the bayous, marshlands and the Cajun way of doing things too long. One thing for sure was both inevitable and undeniable: if he were to survive, he had to resume thinking like the Cajun he had been reared to be.

Derrick Cameaux is the “LAST SEED”!

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Terra Rae of Team Earth – Author

Book: Crystalline Stellar Skulls:  Who Are They Really?


The Crystalline Stellar Skulls, just like the Crystal Skulls have tremendous unlimited information, of past, present and future. The difference is, the Crystalline Stellar Skulls willingness to share and assist both individually and collectively. They have a lot to say, with a great sense of humor, compassion and directness. These amazing and lively, heartfelt sentient beings of Light, have shown up at this amazing time to assist those that are truly ready to take flight into another level of self-discovery.