Tom Bird – The Man Behind the Method

While serving as a publicist for major league baseball’s Pittsburgh Pirates, Tom Bird had a life-changing, perspective-altering, spiritual awakening. This spiritual awakening would set the compass for the remainder of his life, produce the sale of his first book and reset, forever, how he would see writing, publishing, and life.

Tom’s awakening and eventual success as a best-selling author and the innovative, spiritually-led approach he took to get there, directly disputed all he had learned, been taught, or read about writing and the authoring of books up to that point.

True to a promise he made to share what had been revealed to him, Tom has spent the last thirty-five years sharing the unique, inside-out approach with authors and writers of all types worldwide.

During that time, besides writing more than thirty books himself, Tom has appeared before hundreds of thousands of aspiring authors through webinars, retreats, seminars, radio talk-show appearances and through over 4,000 lecture appearances at hundreds of different colleges and universities.

His unique method has led to the completion of tens of thousands of books, more than one hundred of which have ended up as Amazon best-sellers.

What Tom’s method has done for so many, it can do for you as well.

Tom lives and works in Sedona, AZ, although his workshops and writing seminars are offered in many locations across the U.S.

Here’s a sampling of proof:

What Our Authors Are Saying

Thank you! I’m growing into my book.

Realizing dreams and a writing studio in a 111 year old farmhouse I just acquired. Been a while since you helped me get that book out. It’s needed more than ever considering the times. Tom, you are riding shotgun with me even if you don’t know it! You have given me permission to be ‘OK’ with my time line for my writing! Love to you and yours!

Alison: Grateful writer in progress.

This retreat has opened the door…

This retreat has opened the door to the rest of my life – the life I am meant to be living as an author, speaker, and coach. It has shown me what I already knew but had to be reminded of: that all the answers and power are inside of me, they just had to be accessed and Tom has shown all of us at this retreat how to do that.

Alex Bratty

Practical and inspirational ways

The retreat has given me both practical and inspirational ways to let my books that are already written in another dimension, reveal themselves to me: how to write, revise, complete, publish and begin the next… and the next. I have tools to get the left brain out of the way so the right brain can receive inspiration to write and revise my books. Then the left brain can do its job of projecting sales, etc. It has been a life changing, inspiring, and practical experience.

Jane Lipman

I am so thrilled…

I am so thrilled to be able to be in this retreat and be treated to learning a totally new creative process… This is the exact opposite of what I was previously taught about writing…I finally learned to LOOSEN UP…

Lisa Wojcik, Boca Raton, FL

It was a great adventure…

It was a great adventure… I really surprised myself… When the student is ready, the teacher appears…

Nancy Duke, Boca Raton, FL

The most memorable…

The most memorable part was finishing…only because it was a process that has been a part of me for a long time…

Mika Nelson, Boca Raton, FL

Thank you…

Thank you for teaching me this valuable method…it really works…

Geanne Bowman, Tampa, FL

I felt the shift…

It could be the first time I felt the shift and felt the words pouring out of me faster than I could type…thank you for allowing me to accomplish something I always felt I would do…

Christine Kirby, Lake Worth, FL

Life changing…

Life changing…Ground breaking…I will never go back to old methods

Katy Davis, Los Angeles, CA

Your teaching affects my writing…

My novel, ‘Reflections,’ that I wrote in your retreats has won its 8th win BEST Screenplay. The last three days I’ve had five producers asking for the script for consideration. I plan to attend your November retreat in Sedona. Your teaching affects my writing with every pen to paper stroke.

Lori Howell

My sincere gratitude

I just wanted to express my sincere gratitude for all you provide to up-and-coming writers/authors. I listened again to your webinar, Write Your Book in a Weekend, and I realize now, that because of how I was robbed of my career, then black-listed, and then the continuation attempts…I was scared to death that I was going to get attacked again when this book comes out, but I am not afraid anymore. I am standing for what I know is right.

Dolores Johnson

Tom Bird is amazing.

His intuitive writing method exactly matches the way I like to work. When I talked to Tom before the retreat, I told him I didn’t have to be published or make money. I told him I wanted to learn his system because I wanted to do it for me, for the healing aspects of writing in his intuitive style. He said he wished all his authors felt that way. Writing is very healing. In this book I still feel pressing upon me, I’m speaking from experience. I knew I would have to share deeper about my life to establish my authority to write it. I shared with him my fear of writing about things I did not usually talk about. Tom assured me that writing the book does in fact offer a complete release from past pain and that I was in good hands. He didn’t mean just his team, but was subtly referencing the Divine help surrounding the entire experience as well. I had already gotten quite an amazing number of insights while I did the preparation exercises they ask you to complete prior to coming.

Tippy Mueller

I always knew…

I always knew there was a way to [write and channel my books] but couldn’t quite figure it out… I have known for many years I needed to write this book but it was one that I had difficulty writing due to the subject matter. When I remotely attended your retreat in June I was able to write the story for the 3rd time, as young adult fiction this time and love how it ends.

Trisha Miller

After 56 years…

After 56 years, I have started writing the book I always wanted to write as a direct result of buying your book: Call of the Writer’s Craft. You are the one who opened the blockages that were making me attend classes and read book after book on Creative Writing. I think you are a genius. Thanks so much for sharing your secret with aspiring but frustrated writers like me.

Almas Hussein, Author

We can do anything…

Tom Bird reminds us that we can do anything through our connection with the Divine, and that writing is a divine way to do it.

Nancy Aronie
Author of Writing From the Heart

Bird has a system.

A professional writer, no matter how talented, is nothing if he can’t get his work published…Bird has a system.

The Pittsburgh Press


Thanks for showing me how to get published….half of a million copies sold to date.

Jan Larkey
Author of Flatter Your Figure

Finest writing instructor…

Tom Bird is simply the finest writing instructor in the world.

Paul McCarthy
New York Times Best-Selling Author and legendary editor to nine #1 New York Best Selling Authors, including Clive Cussler and Stephen Coontss

Tom Bird is a frigging genius.

There are no words to describe the breakthrough I had tonight from doing Tom’s homework assignment this week… I LOVE this work. Tom Bird is a frigging genius.

Karen Steil

His unique approach…

Without Tom Bird my book simply would not be. His unique approach helped me dig deep and push myself beyond what I could have even imagined. Through his writing retreats and publishing programs I was guided in a very logical way from writer to author, complete with a platform and an understanding of how to navigate today’s complex social [networks]… [It] is clear from his vast experience that he provides the method; we provide the magic.

Laurin Bellg, MD
Physician, speaker and author of the four-time award-winning book Near Death In The ICU

I have written…

In the one month since I attended Tom Bird’s Retreat, remotely, I wrote and revised a book, [wrote] 3/4 of my second book, produced and hosted Episode 1 of a Documentary series that I dreamed of doing 5 years ago, reprinted an out of print documentary that I’ve been meaning to do for two years, won an audience award for my live solo show in a fringe festival, started waking up an hour earlier, [and] lost a few unwelcome pounds. I have written almost every single day and maintained my daily yoga and exercise routine… And this week, my editor for one of the books contacted me to reaffirm her interest from over a year ago.

Lisa Loving Dalton
Author, Murder of Talent; Falling for the Stars: A Stunt Gal’s Tattle Tales... and others

Take a chance on myself…

There were times in the days before [the retreat] that I almost cancelled because I could feel my fear wanting to keep me in a place that was familiar. With Tom’s expert guidance and amazing support team, I was able to show up and stay the course. I finished my book, a first step toward a new way of living. Fully participating in this retreat has given me confidence to know that I can, despite my fears and limiting self beliefs, take a chance on myself and leap into a new life experience.

Holly Messick

This retreat moved me…

This retreat moved me through much that blocked the writing flow. It pushed me to a greater degree of connection with my inner author and showed me I can connect with the Theta state while writing, which really brings flow and fun to my writing. Plus book one is almost ready to move into review by Tom and the final editors. Book 2 is cleaning up to soon be another ready for the final steps towards publishing. And book 3 is asking for release and expression so I’ll start it in one week. I’m also ready to blog weekly.Thanks from the bottom of my heart. You’re a life-changing agent!

Lynne Cockrum-Murphy

I knew coming in…

I knew coming in, that I would exit this retreat as a different kind of writer and a very different editor. I even knew that I would be different emotionally. I did not realize that I would have or develop such a different relationship with chaos (that it’s necessary to just give into the whole tornado as it’s coming at you) with destruction (tearing it all to the ground and building it back up again), or leaving behind what I have always considered my greatest strengths. I have become something very unfamiliar to myself at this retreat. I look forward to meeting this woman and author in the days to come. Thank you.

Brenda Man Fletcher

Delivered seamlessly

Together, through the processes developed by Tom Bird and delivered seamlessly through his Write Your Bestseller In A Weekend workshop I awoke to my inner genius. This weekend my genius came out to sing, dance and play; and to write! And what a writer! He wrote and wrote and wrote—longer and faster than I had dreamed possible. Writing is not the chore I had thought it to be. It doesn’t need hours of preparation, or pages of notes, outlines and a ‘special pen’. It’s none of those things and what a relief!

Tom’s method has opened up my career, my options, and a lifestyle that I have yearned for, but could never quite access before.

Bryce Winter

Life changing.

Tom’s Write Your Best Seller in a Weekend workshop is more than about becoming an author. It is about finding your place in the world. It is about having a spiritual awakening and moving forward on your life’s purpose. I feel blessed that I was guided to attend this very important event.

Luna Star Van Atta

Thank you.

I couldn’t have written my book without the 3 day weekend I spent with Tom Bird.

Catherine Carrigan, Medical Intuitive Healer, Unlimited Energy
#1 Amazon Best-selling author of What Is Healing? Awaken Your Intuitive Power for Health and Happiness

I wrote my best-selling book…

I wrote my best-selling book in 3 days, at a Weekend Retreat with Tom

Maxine Taylor
#1 Amazon best-selling author of Move Into The Magic

Thank you…

Thank you for allowing me to be part of this new amazing journey in my life…the writing for me was easier than the sitting…

Michele Jazwinski, Las Vegas, NV

Thank you isn’t enough…

Thank you isn’t enough… Tom Bird’s method healed my heart and soul…

Lori Howell, Monterery, CA

Someone once asked…

Someone once asked me why I have to pay someone to teach me how to count words…I said I pay him to get me to show up, shut up, and write…something I find hard to do on my own…

Tui Conner, Scottsdale, AZ

I loved writing…

I loved writing as a kid and wrote stories all the time…I was glad to be able to get back to that feeling…

Nikki Ballin, Phoenix, AZ

I needed help…

I needed help focusing and getting a full first draft completed from front to back… After that the process becomes easier for me…

Carolyn Jourdan, Strawberry Plains, TN

A profound experience…

This has been a profound experience, it’s changed me in ways I can’t fully articulate in words…There’s a catharsis that I’ve experienced here…

Allaina OConnor, Ann Arbor, MI

A gift…

Thank you for this amazing opportunity… It truly has been a gift to my life…”

Joy Niemann, Phoenix, AZ

A unique and fabulous experience…

This has been a unique and fabulous experience… I didn’t believe the book would tell me when it was done, but it DID…

Lucy Linder, Mesa, AZ

I’ve never had the motivation…

I’ve always loved writing, taken classes even, but before this weekend I’ve never had the motivation or drive to write the way I am now…

Bryan Perry Tempe, AZ

Even Stephen King…

Even Stephen King could learn something about writing from Tom.

Jean Marie Stine
Author and former Editor-in-Chief of Tarcher Books

I was a washed up attorney…

I was a washed up attorney until I met Tom Bird, but now I am delighted to tell you that Fractal Murders has been honored on the Fall Book Scene Mystery Top Ten List.

Mark Cohen
Author of The Fractual Murders (Mysterious Press)

Holder of the vision…

Tom is definitely one of the holders of the vision.

Carol Adrienne
Author of The Purpose of Your Life and Tenth Insight: Holding the Vision (with James Redfield)

This was such a gift…

Tom’s Method made me think of the way I blog, but went beyond in that I had to apply to apply that to the structure of a book. This was such a gift as I had lost the joy of writing and had gone on a writer’s strike because of it. Traditionally published multiple times, I felt like my work was no longer my own, and I certainly didn’t ever feel the freedom to listen to the bigger story that wanted (that needed) to be told. Tom’s Method created a container for that, for me to listen with the ears behind the ears and co-create with Spirit a book that will transform those that read it. What a unique experience, and one I am profoundly grateful for, Tom. A million thanks.

Jamie Weil

Media Appearances

Past Interviews Featuring Tom Bird

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Tom and/or his work has been featured on or in the following:

  • The David Letterman Show
  • Houston Chronicle
  • The Tonight Show
  • Portland Oregonian
  • The Today Show
  • Toronto Star
  • CBS Morning News
  • Philadelphia Inquirer
  • Pittsburgh Today
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  • St. Petersburg Times
  • Pittsburgh Tribune
  • Oakland Tribune


Working with Students

Over nearly the last three decades, Tom, in an effort to share his innovative and successful approach to writing and publishing with as many aspiring authors as possible, has made over 4,000 lecture appearances at over 100 different colleges and universities including the following:

  • Duke University
  • The College of William and Mary
  • Penn State University
  • Temple University
  • The Ohio State University
  • Nebraska University
  • The University of Texas
  • Emory University
  • The University of North Carolina
  • The University of Arizona
  • Old Dominion University
  • The University of Pittsburgh
  • The University of Tennessee
  • The University of New Mexico
  • The University of Nevada at Las Vegas
  • San Diego State University
  • Edinboro State University
  • Buffalo State University
  • Niagara University
  • The University of Central Florida
  • The University of North Florida
  • Florida International University
  • Florida Atlantic University
  • The University of Cincinnati


Publications Featuring Tom's Work

A prolific writer, as well as a teacher of writing, Tom's own work has appeared in dozens of notable journals including:

  • USA Today
  • Popular Mechanics
  • New Writers' Magazine
  • Vegetarian Times
  • Cleveland Magazine
  • Nautilus Magazine
  • Austin Magazine
  • Baseball American
  • Sail Steeler Weekly
  • New York Times
  • The American Banker
  • Racquetball Illustrated
  • Racquetball Everyone
  • Racquetball Strength and Health Magazine
  • The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
  • Pittsburgh Magazine
  • Erie Magazine
  • Erie Times News


Books Authored by Tom Bird

  • The Magic of Writing (2019)
  • Write to Heal for Authors (2019)
  • You Can ... Write Your Book in a Weekend (2013)
  • Write to Heal (2011)
  • Birthing Your Book, Birthing Yourself (2011)
  • Write to Publish (2011)
  • Manifesting the Write Life (2011)
  • The Call of the Writer’s Craft: Writing and Selling the Book Within (Adams Media, 2008)
  • You Were Born to Be Published: Eleven Laws for Getting Your Writing Into Print Now (Sojourn, 2006)
  • You Were Born to Write: Complete Your Book in 30 Days or Less by Mastering the Inner Game of Writing (Sojourn, 2006)
  • Your Artist Within (Sojourn, 2004)
  • The Spirit of Publishing (Sojourn, 2003)
  • Get Published Now (Sojourn, 2001)
  • Hawk: The Children’s Version (Zondervan, 1995)
  • Hawk, co-authored with Andre Dawson (Zondervan, 1994)
  • The Author’s Den: An Interactive Computer Program (Sojourn, 1993)
  • Fifty-Two Weeks or Less to the Completion of Your First Book (Sojourn, 1990)
  • POWs Of WWII: Forgotten Men Tell Their Stories (Praeger, 1990)
  • Beyond Words (Sojourn, 1987)
  • Literary Law (Sojourn, 1986)
  • Knuckleballs, co-authored with Phil Niekro (Freundlich Books, 1986)
  • How to Get Published (Sojourn, 1986)
  • Tom Bird’s Selective Guide to Literary Agents (Sojourn, 1985)
  • Willie Stargell: An Autobiography, co-authored with Willie Stargell (Harper &
    Row, 1984)