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Suzanne de Malplaquet (Aka Suzanne Masefield)Published November 15th, 2017Eddie Motion is not like other boys. He knows exactly what people are thinking and feeling without them even saying a word.  When a disturbing event occurs at school the impact propels him on an adventure to a strange land to uncover answers that will save his mother’s life.  Eddie was never just an ordinary boy. But until he is thrust into his mother’s homeland of Andalustria, he has no idea just how magikal he is. Eddie and his best friend Melody dive into an enchanted world where nothing is as it seems. Faeries bite, trees talk, ogres block the path, and Squiggins surprise them as unexpected friends appear and everyone, even you, seems to have magikal powers!Suddenly, everything that made them different, even the bits they had thought weren’t so cool, are celebrated. Unearthing the importance of accepting themselves in their truest form, they discover how to create balance between their feelings [...]

By |January 16th, 2018|

How Conventional Education Has Failed Us in So Many Ways As Authors

There are those who believe life is hard, a misery. Then there are those who genuinely feel that life is good, a blessing, a privilege. In the early 1990s, I felt called to write a book on the World War II American prisoner of war experience, thus capturing the stories of those men and women before their generation passed. Over the course of my interviews, I spoke with POWs who had been incarcerated by the Germans for just two weeks all the way to men who had been imprisoned and repeatedly tortured by the brutal Japanese for more than of 42 months —-in the most dehumanizing fashions possible, every day. I quickly discovered that how gravely these brave men and women suffered, or in some cases, did not suffer, as the result of their incarcerations, had absolutely nothing to do with the lengths or the severities of their stays. [...]

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Fall Falls

It happens to me just around this time of year. Every year. I call it “Fall Falls.” At the beginning of this, my absolute favorite time of the year, all that I suppose I signed on to complete this calendar year, whether it be emotional, physical, or whatever, that I haven’t yet completed steam-rolls me and knocks me over, doing just about anything it/they can to be noticed.As I am sure you can guess, as a result, this is a deeply emotional experience for me, making for a deeply emotional season.Fall Falls.But over the years (in reality, more like decades), I have learned to better deal with my season of Fall Falls. Here’s what I do, which I feel can be put to use should you be left to deal with your own version of Fall Falls, Spring Springs or whatever.First, I have to clear my head and keep it [...]

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Lots of Great Changes a Happening

Lots of Great Changes a Happening. At the conclusion of every summer and at the entrance of every fall, I disappear into my own personal think tank to ponder the upcoming year. I reflect on what previously worked, what could be improved, what news alternatives could be offered and, most of all, what is best for you, my beloved fellow authors. During that time, I leave no stone unturned, pondering everything, including the design, intent and direction of this newsletter. Beginning next month in November, you will begin seeing some substantial alterations to this newsletter including it being renamed, after the title of my most recently completed and yet released book, to The Oracle of Writing, which will focus, as its title states, on the oracle that writing can be. Thus, beginning in November, it will begin taking a very broad, but thorough step into this topic. The Oracle of [...]

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Nourishing the Divine Author-Within

This post originally appeared on John Hodgkinson’s blog:If someone had said to me sixteen years ago when I wrote my book for the first time there is a correlation between my physical well-being and my mental well-being, I would have called it hogwash. Of course, sixteen years ago being an author was completely different from being an author today. Why is that you may be asking? Because the author of today controls his or her own destiny.Let me set up the circumstances that have brought me the opportunity to brand my body and see the correlation between the foods I eat and the Divine Author Within state of being.I met Tom Bird for the very first time two days after 9/11/2001. At the time, the only thing I had on my mind was becoming an author and learning how to become one from Tom Bird. Today, people call him their [...]

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It’s Time To Step Into Your Brilliance And Here’s How To Do So – Step Three – The Final Step

Gather your writing that you wrote as the result of last week’s blog.Get a handheld mirror.Make sure you have a large pad of unlined paper nearby and a pen.Look at yourself in the eye in the mirror and begin reading what you wrote to yourself.STOP READING THE SECOND ANY NEGATIVE THOUGHTS FORMS APPEAR AND WRITE EACH ONE DOWN ON YOUR PAD OF PAPER.This may take several days, if not weeks, but continue on with the above until you can read through your writing five consecutive times and feel nothing negative pop up.Then, and only then, will you have authoritatively stepped into a conscious reflection of your brilliance….Tom

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