What Tom’s Authors are Saying
About Their 2023 Retreat Experiences

“Having done writing with before with Tom, this was the deepest. I’ve had many ideas but wasn’t quite able to put them together. This weekend some new writing came that connected some dots for me, a new story came through and I finished a book! Then I started writing a second one that is different in nature – and is bringing in things I had previous been afraid to share. Its time! Thanks Tom and Janelle, and others who held the space.”

– Zora Burger

“I was already writing and publishing books (German writer), when I did my Tom Bird-retreat. Not expecting much, as I know that the novel writing process is a very long and suffering endeavor. (at least for me), I decided to give it a try and see what comes out of it. Surprisingly, the method worked amazingly well: I had 2 new projects in mind, not knowing which to start. In the end I worked on both, developed two complete and extensive outlines and one short-story. My revision and editing work after the retreat will be to re-write the complete story, which will be easy with the existing outlines, with focus on language and style. This I will do with Tom’s method, too. Instead of suffering, struggle and pain during the writing process I had fun and was in a flow. Thank you Tom, for sharing this method with us.”

-Lilly Hess

“The retreat was wonderful. I’m surprised at how much I could write when I got out of my own way and wrote what came thru! I feel confident now that I can not only write my book but publish it. And then on to the next one!”

-Robyn Vogel

“Thank you for an amazing retreat. I completed two books with a third on the way! The retreat helped me give birth to these wonderful books that have been inside me. I’m excited to share them and be of service to a new audiences–young children and teen girls! ”

– Kimberly Young