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President, Tom Bird Seminars

For the last thirty–four years, Tom has devoted his life to transforming aspiring writers into published authors. He has done so by leading them to connect with the spirit of their messages, life purposes and, most of all, the spirit of their books.

During that time, Tom has shared his innovative, intuitive approach and understanding, commonly referred to as The Tom Bird Method, and his message of hope and enlightenment in as many ways as possible.  And the results he has achieved have been turning the literary and publishing world upside down.

Often referred to as The Author Oracle, he is a prolific writer and teacher of writing, who has authored 33 books.  He has taught over 85,000 people his innovative techniques with over 4,000 lecture appearances at hundreds of different colleges and universities, appearing in dozens of notable journals, as well as radio and television appearances, in an effort to share his innovative and successful approach to writing and publishing with as many aspiring authors as possible.

After learning the ropes from some of the best, most innovative minds in the publishing industry, and at the request of his devoted authors, Tom started Sojourn Publishing, which includes his own book publishing and fulfillment firm and The Publish Now (PN) Program.

Tom takes great pride in the publishing design of Sojourn Publishing which is structured to return all artistic, editorial, and publishing control to his authors where they receive 100% of the net proceeds from the sale of their book. Whereas a conventional publisher can take an average of 2 years to take a book to the shelves, Sojourn Publishing provides the same services and opportunities for distribution but accomplishes the same result in 2-3 months.

Possibly the aspect of Sojourn Publishing that Tom is most proud of is his development and design of the Author Development Program (ADP) that offers authors the opportunity to be walked through the full revision, completion and publication of their books by way of a virtual classroom setting led personally by Tom himself.

Many are drawn to the art form of writing for healing, transformation and the release of their divine potential.  It is a spiritual endeavor, an awakening and it is life changing.


PublishNow Author Liaison

John Hodgkinson - Author -Tom Bird Team MemberAs an award-winning and Best Selling Author also known as JohnEgreek and proud author of “Grandma’s Secret Blessings, A Memoir with a Twist” I am honored to be the PublishNow Author Liaison.

The experience I have gained as a first-time author is something I enjoy sharing with the Tom Bird authors. I fully believe that this experience helps the authors learn from my success as well as my mistakes. As humans, we all make errors and I am accountable when errors are made. As it’s been said, “To err is to be human.”

I am a California Native and as a second-generation Greek American. I highly value the attributes of my heritage. San Diego is the place I currently call home. I have three adult children who each have very successful careers, plus three grand-daughters, a step-granddaughter, and two step-grandsons, that we call our own.

I first met Tom Bird in 2001, one week after 9/11 where I learned how to tap into my Divine Author Within for the very first time. However, over time, I allowed the saboteur to enter in. It wasn’t until I attended my second retreat in 2016, that the inspiration for telling the story of my life to a pseudo-family was given to me by my DAW. Sedona is a magical place.

It has been an honor and a privilege to join Tom Bird’s team. As the Author Liaison, working with the Tom Bird Author Development Program and guiding authors through the editing, formatting and publishing process, I have discovered my Soul Family. I treat you as I would hope to be treated.

Drawing upon my technical expertise and knowledge form my former experience as a project manager in Nuclear Power, and tapping into my DAW, it is my intention to use this experience and my experience as an author to facilitate the efficient flow of all the process elements that nurture your baby, your book, your dream, as it transcends and goes beyond. I fully enjoy helping you take your book from the cradle to the hands of those in this world who desire to own a special piece of you. Being a published author is a fabulous experience.

Call upon me with your questions, your anxiety, and your troubles. I will be there to help you and to serve you as you travel down this road. We will work together to move your book through the publishing process as you graduate, even master, moving from aspiring author to published author, and your dream comes true.

“Dreams do come true and there is gold at the end of your rainbow.”


Executive Director

I’ve spent the last 34 years in Customer Service and building high-performance teams for a wide variety of organizations from Fortune 500 companies to entrepreneurial start-ups.

Although successful, I never really felt satisfied or able to focus on the more meaningful aspects of my work which for me was transforming lives through leadership built on trust, respect, honesty, integrity and deep personal connection which isn’t possible in the structured corporate environment.

My greatest desire is to work with larger numbers of people where I can have the greatest impact and to assist them to step into their highest potential and fulfill their purpose.  I enjoy mentoring, coaching and helping others recognize and develop their unique gifts and talents while holding the vision for them until they are able to achieve it and fully embrace it for themselves.

It is an honor to share this path with you and to assist you while witnessing the personal transformations and breakthroughs that are a natural occurrence in Tom’s innovative work.  There is a magical alchemy that takes places through his masterful guidance that is truly life-changing and transformational. I know that it was for me and that’s why I joined his team to continue the journey and to assist others in the extraordinary work he is doing.

I believe that it is no accident that you have been led to Tom and his life-changing work at this exact moment in time.  We are all looking for that deeper spiritual connection and meaning in our lives.  What he teaches and exemplifies is far more than how to write a book.  It’s about learning how to connect with that deeper authentic part of ourselves that we have never given voice to and have lost touch with so very long ago that yearns to be expressed and validated.  This is why his work is so transformative because once you learn how to connect and give voice to your authentic expression through writing you are never the same again.

There is a part of you that has “heard the call” and is ready to find and express your authentic voice in the world. A part of you that will never be satisfied until you give yourself permission to fulfill your soul’s calling and your personal destiny. I urge you to trust this inner prompting and answer the call to discover the unlimited possibilities and magnificence that lies within.


Client Liaison

“I don’t have to see her,” claims a retreat student from Santa Fe. “I can just feel when she enters the retreat room. Everything just becomes so much lighter, more loving and oh so much easier.

The author quoted above was referring to Tom’s wife Heidi, and her description was spot on accurate. For Heidi is surely a shining light.

The combination of Donna and Heidi comprise the perfect spiritual and logistical backbone Tom needs to pour his all into your retreat.

Have a question or concern?

See Heidi or Donna.

Want to fill one of the remaining spaces in PublishNow?

See one of the two ladies.

Background wise, besides having written her own first book at one of Tom’s retreats, Heidi, is a graduate of The University of Minnesota’s prestigious Carlson School of Management.

She has worked for Thrivent Financial as a Financial Counselor for over 12 years and in the industry 20 years.

Shhhhh. Don’t tell anyone though. But Heidi’s truest vocational heartthrob is as a nutritionist, for which she became certified by Institute for Integrative Nutrition as a Health Coach.

So, Heidi has merged effectively the two worlds of finance and nutrition into her own unique and effective twist on Healthy/Wealthy Living.

Heidi is also in the process of developing a nutritional program to support Tom’s ever-growing stable of authors.

Want to know more?

Just ask Heidi.


Social Media Retreat Specialist

Sky was only three years old when her father hauled her up on stage, in front of a few hundred aspiring authors, for the first time.

And she loved it!!!!!!!!

So, it was only natural that she become a permanent presence at his retreats.

Sky is in charge of social media postings at her father’s retreats.

Have a bit of good or great news you want to share while at the retreat?

See Sky.

Besides her role at the retreat, Sky is….

  • A first chair violinist at her school.
  • An aspiring women’s basketball player.
  • An outstanding student.
  • And a connoisseur of the internet, where her Musically account has over 1800 humorous videos with over 2000 followers.

To see some of Sky’s videos, you can find her at Musically under the title of SillySky24.


Creative Operations Manager

Janelle is our behind-the-scenes specialist. She helps connect the world with Tom. With a degree in Communications, Janelle has moved from crafting the message to ensuring it is delivered. Making the digital world go round is often like solving a puzzle with the pieces upside down: you can’t always see every part, but you know they all go together. The problem-solving aspect of this work is what Janelle enjoys the most. Never one to back down from a challenge, Janelle is not afraid to tackle a problem from a different angle and work until it all makes sense.

Outside of the office, Janelle owns and manages a paintball team (yep, paintball!), has two dogs she loves to hike with (and who are often in the office with her), and loves to spend time with her friends and family. In the summer, you can find her on the sand volleyball court.