What Tom’s Authors are Saying
About Their 2022 Retreat Experiences

“These retreats provide the space and time I need to become an author. I have been a writer my whole life, but I have not been able to grasp the writing of a book, though I have co-authored one before…! This process of expressing myself in my own words and on my own terms digs deep. Thank you for knowing this.”


“Particapting in Tom’s writing retreats inspires me to trust in my writing and to give it a life.

The safe space provided along with writing from the heart has been healing, allowing me to recognise an old fear and make peace with it, giving me a new outlook and freedom. Thank you.”

-Maree Stuart

“At this retreat, I am even more deeply aware of the support and encouragement of the community of writers led by Tom and Janelle. Often when I write, I feel alone and have doubts. I argue with myself about a structure and time for writing. When in these retreats, I feel connected to self and other, encouraged by Tom, and deepened in my spiritual beliefs that I am loved and protected. Thank you Tom for your life’s work that truly supports and provides the way for many of us to manifest what we have wanted from the depths of our souls.”

– Elaine Yarbrough

“My book has been thrumming in my heart for years, aching for release. When a friend introduced me to your method it seemed to good to be true, and too simple to embrace. Almost like you were getting paid to sit around.

The actual experience transcended my hopes. I see now that you (Tom) have taken immeasurable steps to create the conditions of growth and insight, and provided a portal for opening and releasing the thoughts, feelings, and ideas nourished within.

Thank you. I am profoundly grateful for YOUR guidance, YOUR love, and YOUR acceptance. Thank you for living YOUR light and letting that light fire up my own.

I love you. I love your work. I love how you are a mighty instrument of the Divine and freeing the cooped up tales and flow of inspiration that have so long begged for expression.”

-Layne Gneiting

“I really enjoyed this weekend retreat with Tom. I was not feeling my best, but I persevered and got quite a bit of my book written and I know the direction that I need to continue. I have done previous “Write Your Book in a Weekend Retreats” with Tom and I have a published book, “Ancestral Trauma and the Deep Roots of Money Blocks.” These retreats open our soul to the power of God within and help us birth our books with ease and grace. Thank you Tom for this sacred time.very, very much! What a gift!”

-Eva Malanowski

“I am as always very grateful for Tom’s writing retreats. They are like anchors in my creative journey that help me stay focused, honour my needs, stay committed to my inspirations & ultimately keep going with my writing process.
Grateful for the personal check-ins with Tom during the Retreat too…so simple, so clear & always helpful!

This Retreat I was struggling with writing from such a personal place & kept feeling resistance…yet Tom’s guidance & the group energy writing space allowed me to push through & continue on….Thankfully!”

-Clytie Lane

“Amazing as always. I really loved being able to do this at home. Tom and the whole process connects to and opens up a channeled flow that is so far beyond what my mind would be capable of. The last book that emerged amazed me. And I know when I begin reading this one it will do the same. I can feel its power. I am close to 20,000 words so I am about halfway from where I want to be before I begin reading and editing. I love having this at home because it creates a focus and discipline that is perfect for completing the book and the next one. I would be happy to attend the next online retreat to kick start the next book in the series. It’s the perfect way for me to write, the only way for me to write. Instead of spending so much time writing on Facebook, which did develop a very large following for me as a teacher, I’m going to now focus on books which have more lasting power and are of more lasting benefit to the readers.

Thank you, Tom. This could not possibly be more perfect and more perfect for me. Words fail to express the gratitude I feel. Thank you.”

-Peter Cutler