Silently ask and then answer the following questions to yourself, and let’s see.

  • Have you felt called or pushed to write?

  • Has writing at one time or another just poured through you?

  • Have others encouraged you to write or complimented you on your writing?

If you answered “yes” to any of the above questions, writing does indeed, have a big plan for you!

Through the mental, physical and emotional healing that first transpires and then through the release of your soul’s message and purpose that immediately follows, writing, through the simple act of Writing Right, can transform first your life — thus the lives of everyone. This can happen through what you write, or just by coming in contact with others.

Of course, because of your extended and consistent direct communion to Spirit, writing a book is the ultimate way to take the fullest advantage of the transformation that awaits you at your fingertips.

The method I have developed and honed over the last few decades to take full advantage of this divine rite of passage addresses both the needs of those who want to write, as well as those who just want to focus more on transforming the quality of their lives.

Here are the options I’ve developed that not only offer you the opportunity to take full advantage of this innate, communal art form that can be successfully performed by just about anyone, but also offer you the opportunity to pair up with the best option for you, considering your current level of available time and budget.