It happens to me just around this time of year. Every year.

I call it Fall Falls.

At the beginning of this, my absolute favorite time of the year, all that I suppose I signed on to complete this calendar year, whether it be emotional, physical or whatever, that I haven’t yet completed steam rolls me and knocks me over, doing just about anything it/they can to be noticed.

As I am sure you can guess, as a result, this is a deeply emotional experience for me making for a deeply emotional season.

Fall Falls.

But over the years (in reality, more like decades), I have learned to better deal with my season of Fall Falls. Here’s what I do, which I feel can be put to use should you be left to deal with your own version of Fall Falls, Spring Sprungs or whatever.

First, I have to clear my head and keep it cleared. The residue from the emotional baggage that the issues tap into have to be cleared and kept cleared if I have any chance at all of regaining my emotional sanity before the Holidays.

I’m a writer so the route most accessible to the guidance, love, support and wisdom of the Almighty is through – you guessed it – writing. So I spend a lot of devoted time every day communing with Spirit through my writing. So important does this become during my season of Fall Falls that it becomes a routine. I start off every day by writing.

Secondly, with the cobwebs of despair now cleared out of my head because of the above, I can now go more deeply into the real reasons, real lessons behind the issues that arise in my life during this time of year, which makes just so much easier to see a greater purpose behind a supposed dilemma and thus to deal with it more proactively and efficiently.

Lastly, my wayward emotions oftentimes get stuck in my body. So as the last step in this needed process, I take time to literally tune into whatever part (s) of my body that seem to be holding onto an unresolved issue and I tune into it, hear it out, and by doing so I am giving it the attention and love it is crying out for, making everything good in its world.

I hope this helps if you’re dealing with your own version of the Fall Falls or whatever….Tom