What Tom’s Authors are Saying About Their
2020 Retreat Experiences

“There is really nothing to describe the way this works. You just have to experience it for yourself. All of your perfectness, your genius, your heart, and soul will fly out onto the paper and move you to a totally different place in life. A place that has been waiting for you to show up! Just do it!!! Love, and Light,”

-Honey Jo Senter, February 2020, Virtual

“This retreat has helped me to break away from my resistance to writing.  The book that I am now finishing was something that I have wanted to do for years.  It just seemed too daunting of a project.  The energy that Tom holds, and the help of his team has made this dream possible for me.”

-Thea Altman, February 2020, Virtual

“My second virtual retreat.  Fantastic in a different way than the first retreat!  On day 1, I wrote the story of my mom and her best friend’s 64 year friendship to give to them as a gift, something I’ve been wanting to do.  Finished it in one day and love how it came out.  The second and third day, I worked on my existing book, writing chapters that had been missing and doing some revisions and research.  It all flowed!  I’d been feeling stuck on my book and the energy, holding space and guided writing sessions made all the difference.  Thank you, Tom, Donna and Janelle, for another incredible retreat and writing experience.  It’s so much more than that, but you know what I mean!”

-Alison Patton, February 2020, Virtual

“It’s amazing how well this process has worked for me.  Two books in two weekends!  Plus peace and healing.
What a bang for my buck and time!  Thanks for such a supportive process, team and energy.  Tom, thanks for sharing your gift to the world. “

-Lorraine Aguilar, February 2020, Virtual

“Thank you Tom, Donna, Janelle, Hedi for creating such a safe space to write and review in. This process is sampling amazing how well the writing flows. Your promoting guidance along the way Tom helps us push through any stuff that arises with the reassurance from Donna, Janelle and Hedi. I felt the energy of this retreat very powerful and am always in awe at the healing that takes place through the writing.”

-Maree Stuartt, February 2020, Virtual

“This retreat allowed me a voice and I was able to take actions even while running a business and supporting my life. This retreat was a breeze, once I got over my fear of writing.  I was able to breathe into the experience and let go to the process of surrender.

This retreat so much better than going the long way through publishers and rejections that my bruised damaged ego could not take, hence the resistance to writing for years.

This retreat gave me voice to the pain that lay hidden since my childhood.  Even after counseling and therapies, I still had residual pain hidden away in the dark places.

This retreat gave me peace to the future and the future of my writing career.  I am free!”

-Sharon Bates, February 2020, Virtual

“This was my first workshop with you and I found it to be extremely educational and informative.  It forced me into my writing in a big way and taught me another way of writing.  You also gave me options to publish – and yes they are expensive – but it is all in one place and well thought out. That took a lot of work, effort and knowledge on your part – which would save the same on my part.  Also –  even though I live in my right brain and work with Spirit most of the time as a healer ~ you showed me another way to control that and use it.

Thank you for all of your help and knowledge — you were all fabulous to work with. Thanks also for the left brain help with my lack of technology – when I am “out there” right brain-wise I sometimes can’t even read the print in front of me!”

-Teri Rogers, February 2020, Virtual