Sometimes you have to be bold, brash, even outspoken, and take the risk that people will think adversely of you for doing so. You must push back the manifestation of your own resistance to make yourself heard and to achieve or receive what it is you really want out of life.

Sometimes you have to boldly proclaim what you want to believe so that your confidence is forced to catch up with your proclamation and forge it into reality.

Sometimes you have to go public with your bold intentions, and personally face your own fears through the possible adverse responses of others.

“Speak it into existence,” Lavar Ball would himself boldly proclaim.

Lavar Ball, of Chino Valley, outside Los Angeles, is the father of three sons. All three play basketball and all three were offered scholarships, which they accepted to play basketball at UCLA, which receives more applications than any college or university in the nation.

Lavar was brash and outspoken about the potentialities of his sons. He challenged his boys by believing in them enough to set expectations; his three boys loved and respected their father enough to follow the path of faith that he set out before them.

Like me, Lavar is a lifetime fan of the Los Angeles Lakers, the most popular of all 30 of the National Basketball Association’s (NBA) teams. Since the birth of his first son, Lonzo, Lavar has been boldly proclaiming, to anyone who would listen and to those who wouldn’t as well, that his eldest son would be a Los Angeles Laker.

As the 2017 NBA draft drew closer and closer, Lavar went national with his claims. He became a national laughingstock as a result. Who was he to believe his son, swimming upstream against massive odds, would be drafted with the second pick of the illustrious 2017 NBA Draft?

Didn’t he realize the massive odds against that happening?

Who was Lavar NOT to believe?

The more the general public roared with disapproval, the louder Lavar roared back in reply. By doing so, he was figuratively bench-pressing off the public manifestations of his own fears and resistance to what he most wanted to happen.

Lonzo Ball was chosen by the Los Angeles Lakers with the second pick in the 2017 NBA Draft!

“Speaking it into existence.”

In what areas of your life could you be doing a much better job of confronting your own fears and self-imposed limitations by “speaking them into existence?”

More on this very important topic in Part Two of Speak IT Into Existence, next week.