Your mind, the great creator of your reality, believes every word you say.

Did you ever encounter a perpetual victim in your life, who, no matter how much light you tried to shine on a subject, always counterattacked with words proclaiming the deep, dark opposite? That person always ended up receiving that negative, didn’t they? Because they Spoke IT into existence.

This week, and for the next few weeks, I challenge you to take on the following exercise….

Step One – Write down one short sentence proclaiming you have already received something that you really want. “I have the money to pay my rent,” “I have finished the revision of my book,” “I have the money I need to attend one of Tom’s retreats.” You get the idea, and if you don’t, there are plenty more sites online such as to help you understand the concept.

Step Two – If you don’t already have one, get an inexpensive, handheld mirror.

Step Three – With a pad of paper and a pen handy, begin slowly repeating your statement over and over again to yourself while looking into the mirror. Write out any reactions you have, both positive and negative, onto your pad of paper until you can speak your statement and feel absolutely nothing, which is a true sign of acceptance and belief. It may take several sessions spread out over several days to get to this point.

This little exercise should reveal a lot to you about why some things are not manifesting in your life as you desire and yet perhaps some things are manifesting that you do not desire. And in the meantime, you are engaging in writing. That is important, too.

Carry on.

See you next time for Part Three of Speak IT into existence.