I can tell you how to really kick some creative butt this summer, hunker down, and write that book, but it wouldn’t do much good. So I’m not going to even try to lay down that law.

Instead, I’m going to suggest that unless you have an already written book being readied for publication and release, you just accept summer for what it is … a time to chill out, connect with family, take a vacation, and catch a nap or two in the hammock.

I am not going to tell you to forget your writing, though. That would be a waste of time, for doing so would be like telling you to forget that you are a creative being, which would be truly ridiculous. 

I am going to suggest how to use your summer constructively to best prepare for ending the year on a strong writing note. Consider these….

Plan a Schedule for Your Success

The beginning and the end of the year are the two busiest times for my mentoring and publishing business. The beginning of the year, because aspiring authors are acting on the completions of their New Year’s resolutions to write a book. The latter is busy because those who hadn’t yet made good on their New Year’s resolutions, want to write that book before the year winds to an end.

If you haven’t already done so, carve out a fixed time to write and/or revise your book by taking a retreat or whatever works best to motivate you before the end of the year. Commit to this carved-out time. By doing so you will curtail any further worrying about your book this summer, which could ruin an otherwise great season.

Dip and Connect

Just because you may be taking time away from writing and/or revising your book this summer doesn’t mean you have to take time away from connecting with your Divine Author Within (DAW). As with all great successes, schedule time to do so. Play my writing, digital download daily while you drive to work, around the house or whatever you are doing. Make time to write something, anything — an email, a blog, whatever, five days a week. A little bit goes a long way in this regard, and oftentimes 20 minutes a few times a week is more than enough to keep you from going crazy and to keep you from driving those around you crazy.

Read Like a Writer

This summer, read like a writer. Consciously notice how some of your favorite authors set up their books or spin their tales so that you will be bettering yourself as a writer.


I’ll be around this summer, and I’ll be doing all of the above as well. Keep your eyes open for my weekly newsletters, though. For I’ve always got plenty to say.

But, most of all, enjoy your summer!