What Tom’s Authors are Saying
About Their
February 2021 Retreat Experiences

“I was inspired to attend Tom’s ‘Write Your Book In A Weekend’ after meeting him at church and attending a sampling of the Tom Bird Method. The weekend course was extremely well organized from the pre-course communication all the way through the completion of the course. I was not only able to finish the draft of my first book but I was able to start my second. I have signed up for the Author Revision workshop and look forward to continuing the process!”

-Jennifer Rue

“This was the most progress I made on my book for months. I wrote 73 pages, double-spaced, and still enjoyed the beach during breaks. It was my birthday weekend! Thank you for holding the space.”

-Mary L. Westcott

“I loved the retreat and got my book completed that I had previously started. It was a very warm and inspirational program. I was able to stay focused and creative.”

-Eva Malanowski

“Such a Blessing to be back in one of Tom Bird’s Writer’s Retreats…..soooo appreciate the sacred space held for us to stay supremely focused, in the Divine flow, supported both as writers & human beings. Feeling grateful & inspired…Thank you all. ”

-Clytie Lane

“The weekend and pre-retreat webinars have been very helpful in allowing a really creative flow of writing. Thank you”

-Pamela Moolman

“Thank you Tom and your team for a wonderful retreat. This was my best one yet.

I think I’ve done 4 retreats so far. Each time I write in this way I find it not only helps me to create a large body of work ready to come through but I feel it in my body. This time I felt so much clearer in my body. I have been through a lot of healing since my first retreat in 2018 and I can really see how important our first book writing experience really is.

I’ve had a big life and writing from God has offered me a way to move through energies that I have not been able to process easily in the past, so I held them within.

I find writing The Tom Bird method is a powerful way to heal from the past and as a healer and channel of over 30 years I highly recommend Tom’s system to anyone who wants to write and especially write to heal.
Initially I had no intention that I would be doing any healing but 3 years and 4 retreats later that’s exactly what has happened.

I couldn’t be happier where I now am in life and look forward to moving into the publishing process this year. ”

-Kim Lansdowne-Walker

“I wasn’t able to attend the first workshop I signed up and at that time had an idea about what I wanted to work on.
By the time this workshop came around my idea was in the distance and not in my mind.

As I sat down to write I had no idea what would come out and by the end I realized this was the idea but couldn’t have come at that time because I was in my head about it.

The past 3 days allowed the story to create itself. I am very please and excited about where it will go next.
Thank you for the space to create and be and dance with words in. ”

-Mira Claire

“Write Your Book in a Weekend has been transforming. As a beginner writer, I had no expectations of how this weekend would go. I express myself well in writing and felt pretty confident that the weekend would go well and it did! I am pleased to share that I am over halfway completed with my very first book and can’t wait to continue. It wasn’t until the third day of writing that I learned to completely release control of the writing, simply because I felt like I had no more good ideas left to share. And today’s writing was the best, most inspired writing so far. I was an empty vessel for sure. I was led to write in an unexpected direction my first day and continued to be surprised at where the book was taking me. It has been a unique experience that I’m grateful to have participated in and I’m looking forward to coming to another workshop again soon!”

-Jenifer Morales

“This is the second Write your Book in a Weekend retreat that I have attended. The sacred space prepared for you is a safe and special place for you to write and let God flow through you as your book becomes not just a wish or a desire but a reality. At this retreat, I completed the edits for the book I wrote at my first retreat. I started three other books that are part of a 5-book series and continued writing on a book that has been in progress for the past year. During this retreat, I also wrote a companion book to my first book that I would have had no idea that God wanted me to write it until attending this retreat! Thank you, Tom, Janelle, and John Whitehorse, for creating and providing this wonderful place for authors!”

-Joy Branson