Please do not attempt the exercises below unless you have completed the exercise featured in Part Two of this series. Once you have done so, undertake the following.

It’s time to take the statement you shared with yourself in Part Two on the road.

For this eye-opening exercise, you will need pens and a few small notepads (lineless preferred) or your laptop or notepad or something that you can potentially carry with you.

Start sharing your statement about yourself over the phone, through emails or verbally in person.

When someone asks you, “What’s new,” or “What’s going on with you” or “How are you doing?” Share your statement with them, word for word.

Channel your inner Lavar Ball. Discussed here.

In doing so, notice how you feel and how you react. Jot those reactions down at your earliest possible convenience.

As you move through this exercise with others, start to formulate completely positive comebacks to their reactions as well. Begin to put them into play with your future interchanges.

Do this until you can state your truth openly and honestly to another person and feel absolutely nothing. Then and only then will you have turned the corner on the making of your dreams come true.

Please send any reactions or results or questions you may have in response to this exercise for sharing to [email protected].