It’s Time To Step Into Your Brilliance And Here’s How To Do So – Step Two

Set aside some time to write. At least an hour. Make sure you are in an undisturbed environment. First, turn on the relaxation technique track to the digital download of my writing CD (if you don’t have it click here to get it). Follow the instructions. Once you have completed the above, turn on the second track, the subliminal version of the download. Once you’ve allowed yourself to relax deeply, ask of your Divine Author Within (DAW) where you will be led to go on a personal, professional, logistical, and financial level should you decide to go to where it leads you. Ask it to be as detailed as possible in all of the above areas. Copy down its response and ask any questions of it, in this regard, that you need to have answered. Cu next week….Tom

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It’s Time To Step Into Your Brilliance And Here’s How To Do So – Step One

It’s time — and there has never been a better time to do so because it is time. Yes, now, right now. It’s time. Delaying any longer will only cause unnecessary pain and/or inconvenience. So take the step now to move immediately into a more direct connection with your Divine Purpose, that which you were born to do now; write (oops – sorry – meant “right”) now.What does that translate to you?Writing and publishing your book and/or the next one.What steps do you need to take? Your choice: sign up for one of my free classes or webinars or take advantage of one of the many discounts I have made available to attend a retreat.A list of upcoming classes and webinars and retreats, along with available discounts, follows.Take action now. Take a step now…….It’s time. – Tom

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It’s a Time of Awakening

It is a time of awakening for us all. It is a time to step into our power. I realize you have done this on several occasions in your life already. But never have you done it before like you are meant to and going to do right now.There is no skirting this issue. It is time.There is nothing to fear.How to do so?Simple.Print out, copy, whatever, the following writing by Marianne Williamson. Carry the hard copy of it with you wherever you go.Read it over to yourself at least three times a day. Doing so will direct you to come into touch with and release your deepest pockets of resistance. And you will be setting yourself free for the major leap forward you are being led to take in your life.Speaking it into a mirror each time, while looking at yourself directly in the eyes as you repeat each [...]

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Speak IT Into Existence – Part Three

Please do not attempt the exercises below unless you have completed the exercise featured in Part Two of this series. Once you have done so, undertake the following. It’s time to take the statement you shared with yourself in Part Two on the road. For this eye-opening exercise, you will need pens and a few small notepads (lineless preferred) or your laptop or notepad or something that you can potentially carry with you. Start sharing your statement about yourself over the phone, through emails or verbally in person. When someone asks you, “What’s new,” or “What’s going on with you” or “How are you doing?” Share your statement with them, word for word. Channel your inner Lavar Ball. Discussed here. In doing so, notice how you feel and how you react. Jot those reactions down at your earliest possible convenience. As you move through this exercise with others, start to formulate completely [...]

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Speak IT Into Existence – Part TWO

Your mind, the great creator of your reality, believes every word you say.Did you ever encounter a perpetual victim in your life, who, no matter how much light you tried to shine on a subject, always counterattacked with words proclaiming the deep, dark opposite? That person always ended up receiving that negative, didn’t they? Because they Spoke IT into existence.This week, and for the next few weeks, I challenge you to take on the following exercise….Step One – Write down one short sentence proclaiming you have already received something that you really want. “I have the money to pay my rent,” “I have finished the revision of my book,” “I have the money I need to attend one of Tom’s retreats.” You get the idea, and if you don’t, there are plenty more sites online such as to help you understand the concept.Step Two – If you don’t already have one, get an [...]

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Speak IT Into Existence – Part ONE

Sometimes you have to be bold, brash, even outspoken, and take the risk that people will think adversely of you for doing so. You must push back the manifestation of your own resistance to make yourself heard and to achieve or receive what it is you really want out of life. Sometimes you have to boldly proclaim what you want to believe so that your confidence is forced to catch up with your proclamation and forge it into reality. Sometimes you have to go public with your bold intentions, and personally face your own fears through the possible adverse responses of others. “Speak it into existence,” Lavar Ball would himself boldly proclaim. Lavar Ball, of Chino Valley, outside Los Angeles, is the father of three sons. All three play basketball and all three were offered scholarships, which they accepted to play basketball at UCLA, which receives more applications than any college or [...]

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