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Did you ever notice that significant breakthroughs or accomplishments in your life are oftentimes followed by what appear to be major attacks or setbacks? I sure have. In fact, this has happened in my life so often that I have found myself not feeling safe enough to celebrate the breakthroughs and instead, ducking to avoid [...]

Books Behind Bars Program

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It was my first time going behind bars. The prison I would be entering into was in the little, dusty town of Cleveland, Texas, about an hour outside of Houston. Thank God I would be going behind bars as an invited guest who could walk right back out those same doors at any time I [...]

A Summation of How the Most Divine Connections are Established through Writing

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I am not going to go into any sort of lengthy dissertation in regards to writing a book or how to do so in a weekend, as I've already covered those topics in previous works. However, I do feel it necessary to cover the basics on how this most divine connection through writing can be [...]

Who Will Read My Book? Why You Need to Identify Your Audience

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blog by Sabrina Fritts When asked whom your book is for, most eager authors will excitedly proclaim, "Everyone!" While there is wisdom in your book that could likely benefit almost everyone, you are casting too wide of a net. Imagine conveying a message that resonates with over seven billion people. If someone could do that, [...]

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